Tuesday, February 7, 2006

More by Jo Morton

Kathie, I can see you drooling all over your screen! So I'll just taunt you some more and post more pictures of Jo's quilts.

Just in case I wasn't clear about this yesterday - these are all Jo Morton's quilts. She does a wonderful lecture on decorating a home with little quilts that is illustrated by many slides of her home. Then she shows all her wonderful little quilts. I think I took a picture of every single one of them.

This is Emma's Quilt. This was the other class I took from Jo. Her new quilt Emma's Courtyard is based on this design.

I just love little basket quilts, and this one is no exception. I think this block is actually called "Cake Stand", and is one of the simplest basket blocks to do.

Birds in the Air. Another great one for using up extra half square triangle squares.

The humble nine patch is still one of my favorites - especially when set in the double nine patch setting.Album Cross, another fabulous little scrappy quilt.

At the shop I went to on Sunday they had at least 20 or more little 16" x 20" quilts hanging. They were all Lori Smith patterns - she's come out with several more patterns with 12 little quilts in each one. I'm so eager to do some of these. Even with the arthritis in my hands I can still handquilt something this small.

One of these days - in the meantime it's "back to the salt mines" for me!


The Calico Cat said...

And more quilts - Thanks again for the quilt show! More wanna makes.... I need to get some of my UFO's done!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Patti - love all the pictures of Jo's little quilts! I've always wanted to do Emma's quilt but just never start it. The colors in hers is wonderful!

Tracey said...

Oh WOW!! I LOVE Jo's stuff! I've been drooling over her new line that just came out. I"m trying hard to resist...but it's getting harder!
LOVE those pics! Thanks so much for sharing them

Marilyn said...

Patti - I love all those quilts. I have always liked little quilts for decorating. It just seems that I keep getting sucked into making bed-sized quilts for someone. Guess I need to put some little quilts on my "to do" list. Maybe then I can actually get something finished. :-)j

I just noticed something else we have in common from reading your profile - BASEBALL. Yes, I'm a big, BIG baseball fan. I live in the St. Louis area, but I'm a huge Astros fan, so it got pretty interesting during the NLCS this year. I can't wait for Spring training!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for all the inspiration on little quilts! I love the size of these...they are just do-able! I need to get out of the thought that everything I do has to be lap to bed sized!


Jeanne said...

Wonderful photos - wonderful quilts! I think the Album Cross is my favorite. And I'm a big Lori Smith fan too: sigh ... so many quilts, so little time!!!!

Cher said...

fun little quilts Patti- it is appealing to do something so small, you can do it all by hand!
great inspiration

Laura said...

I love all of Jo's stuff, her fabrics and her quilts. I have participated in 2 of the Little Women Clubs, I need to pull those little quilts back out and finish them up!

Lucy said...

Ooohh I am so insprirated by these quilts! Indeed you are lucky to meet Jo morton!!! Thank you again

Sandra said...

I love little quilts and have made a few to decorate the house, but these are absolutely gorgeous! I have some tiny half square triangles and will do a birds in the air, but I also have some tiny squares so could do the double 9-patch and then theres.........ooh ooh, so many quilts, so little time!