Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words

At lunch I reread my post from this morning. Probably didn't make a bit of sense without a picture - especially for those folks who don't applique. So here is a close-up of the banner that's giving me fits. It's a wee bit blurry

Already the three pieces don't look like they connect. The spot I left for the middle part of the banner is too low on the eagle's neck. Argh! I guess I'll be doing some "unsewing".


The Calico Cat said...

Ya know, to mee it looks fine - like there is a "big turn" - it is a banner, they get into wild turns while flapping in the wind.... Just sayin... (I know it is your quilt & you should do what makes you happy....)

An aside, since it is from a kit, what were they thinking with that blue? (It doesn't say "banner" to me...) Is that blue used elsewhere?

Your applique is great!

Jeanne said...

Ha, now I see what you were describing! It looks OK to me, too. Like it's crunched up narrow to fit in his beak and then it unfurls again out both sides.
But if it's bugging you, it's not all that much to take out ... and better now than seven years from now when the quilt is all done and it's STILL bothering you! :)

Pam said...

It looks fine really. Because our brain knows that banner is one piece the fact that the one side is a little higher doesn't matter - we still make it a smooth banner. Like there is another little wave in the banner where the eagles head is placed. And where the beak grabs the banner there is a little wave there where we expect. I do agree that it prob would have been much easier doing it all in one piece.

Finn said...

I'm NOT an appliquer..have several left hands when confronted with something to needle turn, but I'm with Jeanne. Might as well take it out now..if you don't like it now, it won't get better..honest! Same is true in piecing or with blocks for a sampler. Hard lesson to learn, but one that hasn't failed me...Hugs, for your unsewing, Finn

Sharon said...

I agree with Calico Cat that it looks like it supposed to be that way - but also, if YOU don't like it, then you need to stop now and undo it. Should be a beauty when it's done!

Darcie said...

Looks like you've gotten some great advice...I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress, Patti. Cheers to you for doing the "A" word! It's something that I'd still like to try...just haven't yet.

You've been so busy! I'm really loving your pictures of your works in progress. Your Jan P quilt is awesome!!! Wow!

We've got a "snow day" up here in central North Dakota...but I told the kids that the 'puter is MINE! So I'm catching up on everyone's blogging.

Speaking of snow days...the pic of your icicles off of the roof are great!