Monday, February 6, 2006

Checking In

Thought I'd better check in to let everyone know I survived Friday. My back sure ached when I got home. This body is too old for 8.5 hours on my feet with just one short break for lunch. Don't' know why I thought it would be slow - it was Friday after all. I worked drive up, and the stream of cars hardly let up all day. I did balance however - whoopee! I'm sure glad I don't do that every day anymore - even though I really enjoyed the chance to talk to members again.

I wrote a post on Friday night but saved it as a draft because blogger was "eating" my pictures again. When I got up on Saturday I discovered it "ate" my post also, because my draft was no longer there. I meant to post again but got wrapped up with reading blogs until I decided I'd better get into the quilt room and get to work.

I went to the Super Bowl sale at my favorite shop yesterday morning and really didn't do badly. Most everything I bought was a "B" - background and borders. I couldn't pass up packs of Moda 6" squares and a few little rolls of fat quarters at half off, but otherwise was very good. It still came to about $130, but that's low for me when I shop there - especially since I've not been there since last August.

I did get the last of the blocks finished for my Jan Patek mystery quilt - now to set it all together. I must check the math on her sashing measurements first, because I've learned the hard way that math isn't her strong point. It helps when all the measurements add up correctly across all areas of the quilt! Hopefully I can get that set together this week - I'll post a picture when I'm done.

And now back to reality - it's really Monday morning and I MUST get ready for work.


Sharon said...

I'm glad you went shopping for me at the Super Bowl sale! I managed to stay home and out of the store! I've enjoyed getting caught up on your blog!

Darcie said...

Way to go on the Super Bowl sale. Who can resist a good sale?

Hope work is less hectic for you this week.

Kathie said...

Proud of you for going to the sale and not spending that much money!!!!
although I am worried about what you didn't buy hey you might need it some day! when I looked at the website for the store you were going to I know I would have spent soooooo much more, thank goodness I didn't go.

Cher said...

Good for you to not get carried away shopping at a sale..and you got some quilty time in too-great!