Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Still more

There have been so many positive comments about Jo's little quilts that I thought you'd like to see more.

Kathie, Jo's already recreated that little star quilt you want to do with the poison green background. Isn't it great?Four patch on point - so very simple yet so very effective.

We saw many of Jo's log cabins - here is one of them. I like the way she did the border on this one.

Just a simple nine patch on point, but doesn't it look terrific with that star block in the middle? What a great way to use an "orphan" block!

Another four patch, but it looks so different with the strippy setting. And I LOVE the cheddar background!

I'm having a love affair with cheddars, poison greens and chrome yellows right now. Used like this they can make a new quilt look really old.


Kathie said...

more little quilts that are just awesome....I love that border too...
and yes I need to make that green background with the stars soon!!!!!
very soon.
these quilts are great for inbetween when your working on such large quilts like I have been lately. Feels as if I get something done to make one of these, plus I just love having them in my home. thanks so much for sharing all these pictures of Jo's quilts

Kairle said...

Thanks for the little quilt show!

Quilts And Pieces said...

OH I WANT that little poison green quilt! And I love the 9-patch with that little star in the middle. Heck I love them all!

YankeeQuilter said...

Poison green and chrome...they have a special place in my heart too! thanks for all the little quilt photos!