Monday, February 20, 2006

A Quilty Weekend

Where did the time go? I see I've not posted since last Wednesday. I know I've been focused on quilting - guess I just didn't have much to report until now. After all, a post is much better with pictures, right?

Thursday evening found me with no commitments - the first time since Monday. So I went back to ironing fabric. The same for Friday, on which day I finally found the bottom of the pile. What a relief - now I can go back to stitching! First I needed to get ready for North Star Quilters' (my small guild) sew in on Saturday. Since Saturday was the national Make a Blanket Day for Project Linus we all got together to make baby and child quilts for charity. I did a fast quilt-as-you-go with novelty and brights from my stash, and by the end of the day it was finished except for sewing on part of the binding. Busted stash for the back also - but discovered one strip off of 15 or so half yards and yards does not make a visible depletion to the stash! I need to find time to make a bunch more of these as they are fast and a great way to give to charity.

Sunday I focused on getting the 2005 Jan Patek mystery quilt sewn together. I cut out the sashing more than a week ago but got distracted by pretreating fabrics. I did a marathon watching of all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended versions) while I sewed, then appliquéd six of the final 11 stars onto the sashing. I was saving the final applique to do this morning, so spent the evening stitching the first three blocks (January's mailing) for the 2006 mystery quilts. Here are the three Cat's Cradle blocks. February's block is an appliqué - it's shown on Jan's website - but I don't have that mailing yet.

This morning I appliqued the last 5 stars while I watched a bunch of Simply Quilts and Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. We got a new DVR cable box for Christmas, so I'm able to record all of them by registering for a season's pass. I think there were about 12 episodes in all, but I only watched the ones that really interested me. Several were on art quilts - I deleted those. Now I'm ready to stitch the rest of it together. I really like this quilt - I wasn't sure if I would. I'll post a picture as soon as I finish - and that will mean I can cross off one of the UFT's and put it into the stack of finished tops waiting to be quilted.


Sandra said...

I love those really bright strippy baby quilts - gorgeous!

Mary said...

Looks great Patti - I always consider getting a top done a finish. I have 3 milestones for a quilt - the finished top, finishing the quilting, and DONE DONE which is when the binding is finished.

I've hit all three since Friday (on 3 different quilts) so I'm feeling pretty good.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love that Jan Patek mystery quilt and love those blocks for this year you posted. I"ve always wanted to do a quilt of that block! Your making me wish I had broke down and ordered it.... arghhhhh Like I need more to do!

Lucy said...

Your Jan Patek mistery is a beauty !! and I also love these blue and red block ! What are you gonna do with them, making a whole quilt from only this block ??

The Calico Cat said...

I like those triangl-y blocks onthe bottom & I recognize the "mad fruit" on the strippy.... Those pears crack me up!