Friday, February 3, 2006

Scary day today

Working from 9:00 to 6:00 today - very different from my usual 7:00-4:00. I manage staff development and training at a large local credit union, but today I'm going to be a teller. We have a branch closing so most of the staff has moved on to other positions inside and outside the organization. They are down to only one employee - the branch manager. People from other branches have been filing, but all branches are short today because of training my assistant is doing. So I'm going to be behind teller row helping members. I've not done that for over 8 years! A lot has changed, and I've kept up with most things since I'm responsible for seeing that all new staff are properly trained, but it's still going to be a huge challenge. I sure hope I balance at the end of the night - wish me luck!

I think I must be at least partly insane. Last night I committed to leading a round robin for my little guild. About 12 want to participate but only one has ever done this before. It's all new to the others. As leader I figure I should participate also. I hope I can find a suitable orphan to be the center of mine so I don't have to make something else!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Cher said...

I hope you stress the importance of leaving the round square for the next person and how to acheive that. That was the biggest issue I had in the last round robin I was involved in-but how fun to play with first timers! Good luck with your teller day!

The Calico Cat said...

Good luck at work & remember when everyone is a novice, you do not need to correct their old habits & you get to make up the rules! (None of those "that is not the way so&so did it" comments!)

Laura said...

Good luck today Patti! Good to see you here!

JudyL said...

Good luck. Hope you balance.

Hope the round robin goes smoothly too. Haven't done one of those in years.

Judy L.

Tracey said...

I hope your day went well! And GOOD FOR YOU for doing the R.R!! I think it will be fun. Make sure to share some pics with us! :o)

quiltpixie said...

I coordianted my first round robin with everyone new to the idea last year. It worked really well, and everyone seemed to have fun, though we've all struggled with what to do with our resultant large (60") squares... Hope you all have fun