Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Libby's challenge . . . and more blocks

Libby challenged all of us to post a picture of our ironing board - so here it is. Right now it's not very scary because it's not been that long since I put on a new top. However, hiding beneath the latest cover is enough to make the most hardy quilter shiver in fear. I just staple a new cover right over the old one when needed. I think before I do that again I'm going to have to remove the rest of them - the bottom edges are so thick with fabric that I don't think I can find room for a single other staple.

Here are my three newest Civil War Diary blocks. All three are from the first book. From left to right, top to bottom they are Guerrilla Warfare, Soldier's Box, and Sewing Society for Soldiers. I particularly love the way the last one turned out!

This afternoon I'm starting a new quilt history class with Eileen Trestain. This one covers quilting from 1889-1910. This class also meets once each month for 12 months - and means I'll have an Eileen class two days in a row for the next year. What a great way to spend some time!
Tomorrow my little Tangled Threads quilt group heads for Cannon Beach, Oregon where we have rented a house through Sunday. We always have a great time when we go on a retreat together. I will be driving back on Friday - of course! - so I can be at the airport for Joseph's arrival. I may or may not head back to the beach on Saturday - it depends on how well he is adjusting to the huge change in his life. If it seems better that we lay low for a few days then I will head back on Saturday to join the group.
1. Another beautiful day
2. Spring is in the air!
3. Nummy leftovers for lunch
4. Quilty friends near and far


Becky said...

Your Civil War Diary blocks are fabulous!!!! Makes me want to pull out my book and join the group in making blocks. The temptation is almost unbearable, but I promised myself that this was the year to finish some of my beloved UFO's.

I love your gratitude section at the bottom of your posts. That's something that I'd like to add to my blog postings. Enjoy your retreat. Sounds perfect. Will say a prayer on Friday for Joseph as he joins your family.


Kristie said...

You are just killing me with these Civil War blocks!!! I LOVE THEM!! I just recieved my book in the mail today, the cd should be here tomorrow!!! But my problem is I don't have my fabrics yet!!! :( Mom and I are going shopping next week for them. I can't wait to get started!!!!!

I can't imagine the excitement that you and your family are feeling right now over Joesph! That is just wonderful!

Lily Boot said...

You're right - before I read your comments I exclaimed to Simon the dog - Oh, look at this one, it's wonderful! - about the sewing society for soldiers. It is very striking! Your quilt wall looks fabulous with all those little blocks. Warm regards, Lily

Pam said...

I bet you are so excited to get that little man in your arms!!! I am watching everyday for new news...I AM SO EXCITED for you!


canquilt said...

Your CW blocks are great. Aren't they fun???

Quilting Pirate said... are soo rolling on those blocks...just awsome!!

What a clean ironing board! I need to join this challenge and share mine as well....I love my lime green iron personally! :D

Sheila in Ohio said...

There goes the budget! I think I'm not going to be able to stave off the CW bandwagon any longer.

You must be beside yourself with anticipation about the little one's arrival! I know I would be. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy... and congratulations!

Lea said...

Oh, Patti, your Civil war blocks are very beautiful.I specially love the Sewing Society for Soldiers block! I better write down and make this too. *S*

Carol said...

Patti your Civil War blocks are awesome...have a great time at your retreat and enjoy every second of getting to know little Joseph...this weekend or next whenever it works will be wonderful. Oh I can't wait to hear all about this sweet addition to your family.

Judy said...

The blocks are looking fabulous! I'm loving making them too. Can't wait for the new arrival...finally.

Cascade Lily said...

Not long to go now Patti until Joseph is home. I hope the trip there and back continued to go so well.

Hugs, Lily xxx

Chelle said...

I recently bought a new cover for my ironing board. I hadnt ironed much before I started quilting. My husband would always iron any clothing he needed pressed but the cover was awful! I could not put my wonderful new fabric on an old cover like that! So I bought a nice thick one :o)

I love your squares! I had never heard of the quilting wall before and as soon as I saw one on a blog, I told my husband "I want one!!"

Libby said...

Oh, I do long for the day I have enough space to have a nice large ironing board such as yours . . . I think I could even manage to recover it *lol* I'll really be looking forward to seeing all the things from your quilt history classes. What fun for you to be able to attend the two of them.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I am very excited about Joseph, he will be there very soon!
I never get sick of your crumb chaos pictures, those civil war blocks are coming along really well, what fun you are having retired!
I am right with you on the marathons, especially Harry! Tracey

Dawn said...

OOOO - I love how these new blocks turned out! I have to get back to those now that I got my mini's all quilted!

YankeeQuilter said...

These blocks are great...I so don't need another project but I do have drawers and drawers of civil war fabric...Ahgggg!