Monday, August 11, 2008

Quilting report

It felt like I'd not touched my sewing machines in about forever, so I promised myself I could focus on quilting Friday through today. And that is exactly what I did! I've accomplished a great deal, and I'm still not finished.

The first thing I did was make several dozen tiny 3" nine patches from reproduction prints and Kona Bone. I'm exchanging blocks with my online friend Kathie and I needed to make both July's and August's blocks. This occupied me most of Friday. Friday evening I continued big stitching Somebody's Home.
Saturday saw me finishing up the nine patches. When Fred returned from golf and reminded me that the Olympics were on I headed upstairs to Gandalf's room to load a quilt while I watched. Much to my surprise I not only got the quilt loaded, but I also got it quilted. Yesterday I made the binding and label and finished the quilt. It's a red and white Burgoyne Surrounded, lap size. I pieced this in 1992 as part of my demo during a beginning class I was teaching on strip piecing. The backing is pieced from two novelty prints - I have NO idea why I thought I needed to purchase so much of each of these fabrics! They are both bright prints on black - one is balloons and the other is giraffes. For some reason they look very washed out in this picture. It sure feels good to get this OLD ufo finished!

I loaded a second quilt onto the machine ready to quilt during the next Olympic broadcast. When it got too hot upstairs I came down to my sewing room and prepared the backs for six more quilts! I was really on a roll! I've decided I just want to get these finished, so I'm going to settle for doing pantographs on all of them. Besides, I need some practice doing pantographs.

Today I quilted the second quilt and made and attached the binding. This evening I'll do the hand stitching. When it's finished I'll post a picture of it also.

After my Joseph day tomorrow I'm back to focusing on UFO's I hope to have five more quilts finished by this time next week!


Teresa said... about the energizer bunny - you would be the energizer quilter!

Julie said...

Wow! It is amazing that you can crank out that many quilts in such a short time. Good for you!! I have always loved Burgoyne Surrounded and yours is very pretty.

Mary said...

I'm trying to get caught up too so it's just quick freehand overalls or pantographs for these next quilts for me also.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

That is an impressive weekend's work. Way to go! Get them UFO's outta der!

Sweet P said...

Wow! You did have a busy weekend. Great job on getting an old, old UFO done.

swooze said...

Wow! Great job on the finishes. Your list shows 19 done. I hope you meet your goal of 5 more by next week! I almost done, done with my UFOs.

Cascade Lily said...

I can't believe you had such an amazing quilt sitting in your UFO pile! It's beautiful!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Wow, you really got right back into it. Nothing like Olympic endurance quilting-it should be in!!!
Loved the virtual tour thru' the quilt show. Thanks for that, Tracey

Lily Boot said...

My goodness, what a trojan you are! I LOVE that red and white quilt - it is so striking. Now I'll have to add it to my list of to do eventually!