Monday, August 11, 2008

Pomeroy Quilt Show

On Saturday August 2nd my friend Kim and I went to the outdoor quilt show at the Pomeroy Living History Farm a bit north of here. This is the first time I've ever gone - we always seemed to be camping on the first weekend in August until this year. There are both old and new quilts on display, including the quilts from the farm's collection. The theme this year was "Butterflies in the Garden", so of course there were lots of butterfly quilts - mostly from the 30's. During the Depression the butterfly became the symbol of hope and new life. Quilters used scraps of fabric, often taking them from the floors of textile mills, to fashion their butterflies. They then stitched them onto blankets and quilts, frequently using a buttonhole stitch. This was a way for people to help keep their faith, hoping and waiting for better days to come.

The speaker was Karen Snyder, owner of Anna Lena's Quilts in Long Beach, Washington, author of several quilt books and designer of several lines of fabrics including Washtub Prints, reproductions of 30's fabrics. Unfortunately Kim and I didn't get to hear the talk - it conflicted with our tea reservations - but we spent some time talking to Karen and seeing some of the quilts.

I can't possibly show all the quilts here, so I'll focus on the antiques for the most part:
From the farm collection. I love the pink and brown combination and the simplicity.

From reproduction fabrics by Juanita Wells, a member of Clark County Quilters. Her ten year old granddaughter embroidered two of the butterflies - her first embroidery.

A row quilt by Juanita Wells. From an online block exchange. Juanita did the row with Overall Bill.

An Ebay purchase by Karen Snyder.

"All Hugs, No Kisses". Made by the grandmother of Charlotte Sappington, owned by Cheri Drudge.

A funky quilt owned by Cheri Drudge. Bought in Hermosa Beach CA from an elderly woman who was cleaning out her house. It was handmade by the woman's grandmother in Ohio.

Made by Maureen Orr Eldred, quilted by Janice Jones. Made from scraps. Sewn during quilting retreats all over the country.

Farm quilt.

Farm quilt. A great use of orphan blocks, Finn!

By Janet King - one of her first quilts. Made from old cotton prints and feedsacks. Patterns were shared with her by friends.

The next quilts are from Karen Snyder's 1920's-1930's collection.

The last quilts were displayed in the Log House - the original Pomeroy home. They are from three generations of the local Heisen family - grandmother, Ida Lily Dresser Heisen; mother Lillian Heisen Linn and daughter Betty Lynn Davenport. They span the years from 1920's to 1980's.


Juliann in WA said...

beautiful quilts! Did you make to the APNQ show this year? They had a wonderful exhibit of antique quilts that really captured my heart - I spent more time there than I did looking at the show quilts.

Tine said...

What beautiful quilts! I love love love that 2-color orange and white quilt :-)

quiltmom anna said...

OH Patti,
Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful antique quilts- I really love the butterfly quilts and had not heard about them being a symbol of hope. I am thinking about making a butterfly quilt so the quilts are inspiring and some designs to ponder.

The Calico Cat said...

WOW - I love "all hugs no kisses!"
& the seven sisters (I was so tempted to buy a yard or 2 of the seven sisters "cheater cloth" that I saw in the Keepsake Quilitng catalog...)

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous quilts!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the quilt show! I really like the farm quilts!

Holly said...

Lovely quilt show, Patti. That looks like a fun place to visit. I like the "all hugs" quilt best.

Lily Boot said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful quilt show! Yummmmmm!!!! The cheddar and white, the red and navy, the clusters of stars ... just fabulous! And the row quillt - they have such a different look don't they - I was almost inspired to put some blocks into rows today! btw, I haven't noticed your not yet started list before - made my giggle, and feel less crazy about my list!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The quilt owned by Cheri Drudge looks very similar (but put together differently!) from my current quilt project (photos on my blog). My pattern is from Robert Callahan and he got the idea from an antique quilt. I just love that version too! I wonder if it is because the pieces didn't line up exactly when she was putting it together so she decided to sash it instead? I am almost 100% sure that I will have to make an adjustment on the setting pieces size - hope to get to it sometime this week. Always fun to see old quilts and you sure have shared many with us with this post - thanks!