Saturday, August 16, 2008

More UFO progress

Here are four more quilts needing only hand stitching on the binding and labels. I have another half loaded onto the longarm, and several more waiting in the wings. I just can't describe the marvelous way I'm feeling about finishing so many quilts. It's like a drug . . . as soon as one comes off the longarm I want to load another one.

Unfortunately we've been having a spell of recording breaking hot weather. The longarm room is the only room with an air conditioner - a little portable that sits on the floor and has a slinky-like tube that runs to the window. It keeps the room cool until about noon or 1:00 when the sun moves to that side of the house. By then the heat is just too much for the little air conditioner, so I turn it off, open the window and head downstairs. The upstairs temperature reaches in the mid-90's while the downstairs temperature is in the low to mid-80's. So I've been quilting in the mornings - and machine sewing bindings since the Pfaff with walking foot is up in the longarm room, and then doing other quilty related sewing downstairs in the afternoon and evening. We are supposed to cool off by Monday - thank goodness!

I imagine at least one or two of these will be finished by the end of the evening - I'll post pictures as each is completed.

1. Fresh peaches, strawberries, cantalope and grapes - yum!
2. Subway salads - LOW in points and great on hot days


Judy said...

IN my weather map, you were hitting close to 100 today! Don't melt with no A/C!

I think as global warming keeps getting worse these temps are going to be seen a lot more often and become the norm all over, Stay cool!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, you go girl!!!! I wish I could find some of your mojo around here! Stay cool.

Ulbins said...

I've been scrapbooking more recently, and I made Dan bring all of my stuff downstairs (where are window AC unit is) so I can get some crafting done without melting. I feel your pain!

Tine said...

You really are finishing a lot of quilts, and they look awesome. I love that log-cabin quilt!!! So pretty!