Sunday, March 9, 2008

This and that

Miscellaneous pictures for you today. I'm focusing on house cleaning and quilting my customer quilt.

Several of you asked for a picture of the curtains I made for Joseph's room. Rick and Rebecca wanted simple curtains shirred on a rod with no header. Because of the print I was required to piece these horizontally rather than vertically, which was a bit of a challenge. I bought a bunch of extra fabric because of this. I think I did a good job - one has to look VERY closely for the seam. Unfortunately I made these from memory rather than checking one of my books so I didn't allow a very deep hem. Other than that I think they turned out well, and I have lots of fabric left to make Joseph a "big boy" twin bed quilt with the leftovers.

I have crossed two unfinished tops off my sidebar list - hooray! Both of these are from the early 1990's, which makes me even happier to have them finish. Neither will take long to quilt but must wait until my customer quilt is finished.

Grandmothers Choice, or Fancy Nine Patch, was supposed to have an inner appliqued scalloped border (you can see the picture in this post.) I really liked the look but decided I didn't want to spend that much time finishing this little quilt. So I went for a simple white inner border - from a different white-on-white print as I'd used up the other - and a wider red border. I bought one yard of the red last week at the beach, but added little of it to my stash.

As you can see I used the lighter green for the sashing on Pinwheel Daisy. Thank you to all of you who told me your preferences. It was so much fun reading the comments - and interesting to find the opinions divided almost evenly between all the choices! I chose this green because I thought it was the most authentic reproduction. I dug out another solid for the setting stones. I auditioned many reproduction fabrics for the outside border and thought this one looked the best with the colors of the sashing and setting stones. This used almost all the print. When I took the pictures I realized that these three choices have given the quilt top a much lighter pastel look than the blocks had themselves. (You can see the blocks by themselves in this post.) Not necessarily want I wanted, but what I got. When I showed it to Fred he commented, "Looks like an Easter quilt." I guess he is right - it's full of pastels found in Easter candy, dyed eggs, and other decorations. So that's what it will become - an Easter table topper.

I am gradually catching up on all my blog reading - some of you may find comments on very old posts LOL! This time I'm determined to keep up with everyone. I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone has been up to!


Paula said...

Love the curtain fabric, looks like you did a great job. The Grandmother's Choice is so pretty. I love the bold colors. And who wouldn't love the "Easter Quilt". It's amazing how different choices change a quilt. Very nice!

Sweet P said...

Those curtains are adorable.

I'm catching up on blogs too so . . .

I love your haircut! As long as you love it, that's all that matters.

Joseph is adorable. He looks so happy!

Lissa Jane said...

I love your 'easter' quilt, and I just bought that border fabric you used so now I'll know what it looks like! of course I am biased as I am a 30's fabricologist, but I do like that quilt!

take care!

Pat said...

Your curtains are lovely. I saw the daisy pinwheel quilt on your blog the other day when you were trying to decide on the sashing color. I love it. Could you tell me who it is by or the name of the pattern. Thanks so much for your time.

Rhonda said...

I absolutely love the Grandmother's Choice quilt!

swooze said...

Love the red. Yes I wear my hair short...I think about going spiky but haven't yet.

Kathie said...

curtains look great!, that was a good idea to buy extra, yes a twin quilt will be in order before you know it!
Oh the next two quilts are wonderful.
I am glad you chose the green...think it was the best choice.
I need to finish a quilt soon...I am still making blocks!!!!
maybe a doll quilt is in order!

Kairle said...

I'm glad you left a comment on my blog, Patti, so that I would know to come over and check out your oldies but goodies. lol! Beautiful job on both of them. Consider this a BIG pat on the back!!!

Dawn said...

They look wonderful!

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I've been making a quilt with blocks just like the ones in your Easter quilt. However, the yellow centers are pieced, not appliqued. It was in a very old issue of QNM and was called Bride's Pride. I like your choice of colors for the pinwheel blades.

Tanya said...

That Grandmother's Choice is such a beauty! No, it doesn't need a scalloped border at all. It looks much more refreshing without it! And the red is beautiful! I couldn't remember which color I was rooting for when you asked for blog opinions but now I know, RED is the best!