Friday, March 21, 2008

Catching up on the Weekly Block Lists

I've meant to post before now, but I guess I lost track of time. I've been in my sewing room making a valiant effort to catch up with the Civil War Diaries blocks. I'm getting there - I did seven on Wednesday and five yesterday. Can't believe how much longer it takes to make the paper pieced blocks! I've tried to clean up after myself as I work, but gave up yesterday. So this morning I'm looking at a big heap of fabrics on the ironing board that need to be folded and put away. Unfortunately some of them are from the shelves and some from the baskets for my mid-century Album quilt. Hopefully I can tell which is which, since the fabrics from the baskets are the ones that Eileen has certified as being authentic for each era.

Here are my new blocks - in no particular order:

A Little Broth - This block, being asymmetrical, caused my "Quilters Dyslexia" to pop out of hiding. Almost as soon as I started paper piecing it I realized that if I constructed it according to the foundation the resulting block would be a mirror image of the one in the book. I tried to reverse the pieces without changing the lines - didn't work at all. I finally printed a new foundation, used the light box, and drew a mirror image foundation. Would it have mattered if the finally block was a mirror image? Of course not! Would it bother me? Of course! Once again my anal personality rears it's ugly head!

At Last a Free Man

Drawing for our Clothes - finally a block that doesn't have to be paper pieced!

Old Abe Lincoln - when I ordered the second CD from Rosemary Youngs she included three of the Abraham Lincoln images. What a nice surprise!

Privilege of Communication

Runaway Slave

Second Term - I kept double checking the picture because the left side of this block looks like a quilters "humility error".

Another Battle Mail Delivery

Panic - This one drove me completely nuts! I unstitched so many parts of this one! "Quilters Dyslexia once more. I finally gave up trying to use the foundation pieces when I was about half way through the block - I just couldn't get the fabric placement right when working in "mirror image mode". The pieces started looking a little worse for wear as I'd picked out so many seams, but I finally made it come together after about three hours of tearing my hair. The resulting block looks like another "humility block". I checked the picture three times to make sure the fabric placement was correct, as it looks wrong to me in the final block.

Parlor Activities

Visit to Town

In spite of my troubles with a couple of these blocks I'm having so much fun making them. I think it's going to be hard to stop. I may end with a quilt bigger than the 100" square quilt in the book because I will have forgotten to stop at 121 blocks! I'm eager to get back into the sewing room today to see how many more I can finish today.



1. Signs of spring everywhere!
2. Lovely blue grape hyacinths popping up all over my gardens
3. Precious little grandbabies
4. Hot tea with milk
5. A place of my own - full of fabric!


SalemHouse said...

I'm so glad to be able to follow your progress with these blocks. I love the old-fashioned fabrics and designs. Maybe someday I'll actually make some of them, too!

Lissa Jane said...

I am loving your civil war blocks.. you know, I have both of the books, but I need to finish a couple of things off first, but I am itching to start.. and Rosemary, isn't she so generous? I got both books from her and she sent me the Abe Lincoln fabric too.. I have never seen it Australia, so I am so glad she did!

take care and happy easter to you!

Juliann in WA said...

I was going to try and do this without the CD but your blocks are so fun that I may need to order it. I think I have pretty much done all the blocks I can without the CD. I really like all the fabrics you have in your blocks. It will be fun to see them come together.

Dawn said...

Oh I am loving your blocks! Aren't they fun! I"m really loving them too!

canquilt said...

Your blocks are wonderful with great fabric choices. Don't fret over mirror images, it won't matter in the longrun. They are so addictive, I am having a blast with them

Kathie said...

your blocks look great and I just love your 5th gratitude.
one of my big ones too.
thank goodness for my fabric collection and having my own sewing room

Lily Boot said...

Patti, the blocks are looking wonderful! And your fabrics are so pretty - I'm impressed you are being so particular with the "era" of the fabrics. I wondered where the Abe Lincoln fabric was coming from - I thought you were all wonderfully clever and scanning in his picture and then printing it out on calico! I too find myself doing a double take at the lack of symmetry in some of the blocks - it's so contrary to what we are used to. But your Panic is gorgeous - beautiful fabric.

Karen said...

You have done so many of the CW blocks! I have only done two. I am waiting on the CD's to come.....maybe Monday's mail. I didn't know where the Lincoln images were coming from and now I know.

Richelle said...


Could you please share the website for Rosemary Youngs? I would love to order the cd's from her also. Thanks!

Lea said...

OMG! Patti, You made so many CW blocks!!!
All of looks so fabulous and I specially love Mr.Abe block.*S*

Lynda said...

I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one who has difficulties with spacial awareness (ie can't manage to cut a piece of fabric which will successfully flip over and cover part of a foundation pattern!) However, your Civil War blocks all look great.

Judy said...

Wow Patti, when you get sewing you really SEW!!! Yes, Panic is right, although I had to look at mine a few times and even considered 'fixing" it, but left it as it was meant to be. I did that one sewing the cut pieces so didn't have to do it backwards.

A little broth I had to trace twice too, once and then once backwards! All lovely blocks!