Monday, March 24, 2008

Just about caught up

This past week I've been making Civil War Diaries blocks like a mad woman. My goal was to be all caught up with the posted lists by this morning. I almost made it. There's only one block that I didn't get done, and it will be done in the next hour or two. Once it is finished I'll have to put those aside while I prepare to go on retreat. Our PINS group - Phenomenal Internet Northwest Stitchers - is heading to Longview, WA and my favorite quilt shop for five glorious days. We converge in the shop basement every spring, coming from all over the Northwest. We met online 5+ years ago, and have gotten together twice a year ever since. I can hardly wait to see everyone again, see what they've all been doing, and compare pictures of our grandchildren. There are eleven of us coming this time - that's almost everyone!

Here are my latest blocks:

Troops Arriving
Lonesome Place
Whizzing Bullets
Sorrows of War
Another Death
Mrs. Massie's Party
Recovering Items
Battle at Williamsburg
Union Soldiers
Games, Music and Knitting
Everyday Chores
1. A wonderful Easter weekend with family
2. Healthy grandchildren
3. The Internet quilting community
4. Talented designers
5. Color everywhere!


Kathie said...

boy am I ever impressed!
good for you getting all of these done, you have been a woman on a mission!
I just picked up EQ6 so I should hopefully by tomorrow paper piecing some of the harder ones tomorrow!
Have a great week and enjoy all your friends...and of course the shop :)
can't wait to see what had to come home with you :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Patti, your blocks are amazing!!! you've done a lot of work so quickly!
Hope you will have a great time on your trip with many goodies back home with you!!

Anina said...

Oh I wanna come! Your blocks are beautiful.

Becky said...

Enjoy your retreat! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your group! Hope you can work on projects that you love.

Becky in Georgia

Karen said...

How can you make these blocks so fast??? Is there a helper in your sewing room? Now wouldn't THAT be nice.

Lily Boot said...

Oh Patti! You've been sooooo busy - I love the paisley fabric you've used in the Sorrows of War. They are all looking beautiful. I've checked the email follow up comments below - hopefully this will work this time! warm regards, lily

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Wow! Busy girl! You are incredible!

Carol said...

Patti your blocks are all wonderful...have a fantastic time at your retreat. I got so much done when I went in February...I'm ready to go again.

Judy said...

Good golly you really got I need to do the same thing!

Wonderful choices!

Dawn said...

WOW-Wee! Look at those gorgeous blocks with gorgeous fabrics!

Cascade Lily said...

My goodness Patti! You need to go on retreat to get a rest! LOL Enjoy!!

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

I'm very impressed by these wonderful blocks!

Dawn said...

Such great repro's! I"m going shopping in Paducah for FQs this year with a whole new look at Repro fabrics!