Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Preparing for retreat

I think we all go through the same thing when packing for a retreat. Packing clothing is just an afterthought. The important thing is choosing which projects to take. It's important to take a little bit of everything so one has a project for whatever mood should strike. So far these are the things I've set out to take. I think this is probably enough, don't you?

1. My current hand quilting project - a Double Irish Chain from my teaching days of 1991-92
2. My current hand appliqué project - the mid-century Album Quilt
3. UFO - Heirloom Stitches - I need to piece and attach the inner sawtooth border and prep the outside appliqué borders
4. Scrap project - hourglass blocks
5. Current long term project - Civil War Diaries blocks
6. UFO - pre-1830's medallion - last two borders to do
7. New quilt history project - 1880-1910 random sampler - need to prewash some fabrics for this one
I was going to take my Rosewood Cottage BOM UFO as all it needed was one more large block and the borders. However, when I started prepping it yesterday I suddenly realized how little time it would take to finish it. So I worked on it yesterday and finished it today. It felt great to move it from the list of unfinished tops to the list of flimsies to quilt, bind and label. I thought this was a really old project - at least ten years old - but my UFO spreadsheet says it was started in 2002. I'm pretty sure that's wrong - unless that's when I started working on it. I know I had the monthly kits for 3-4 years before I started it. I love how it turned out!

I thought I had all day tomorrow as well as half of Friday for prep time, but Jeremy called about an hour ago and asked me if I'd like to come down and baby sit Sophie for a few hours tomorrow. They have a funeral to attend. Of course I said yes - I jumped at the chance! There's nothing better than time with a grand child that one doesn't have to share with anyone else!

So, I guess I'd better get those fabrics prewashed tonight!

1. A nice glass of wine with dinner
2. Leftover Easter ham
3. 15% class discounts at the quilt shop!


Stacy A. said...

Oh Patti, that Rosewood Cottage quilt is beautiful. I was just looking at all the little details. You did a fabulous job.
One of these days I'm gonna need to get in on one of those retreats. I think you will have plenty of options. Have a great time with your grandbaby and the retreat. Love Stacy

Lily Boot said...

Hey Patti! What a beautiful quilt - I'm not surprised it took so long! I especially love the spinning star block - I think I might try it myself :-) warm regards, Lily

Screen Door said...
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Screen Door said...

Patti -- This is beautiful...You must be so proud. What a creation for summer display.

tami said...

Exactly how long is this retreat anyway???? ;c)

Carol said...

Have fantastic Sophie time! Have a wonderful, wonderful time on your retreat!

Debi said...

Your quilt is beautiful, I love the pink.

cher said...

nothing beats babysitting a grand and having them to yourself is right! I am sure you had a ball with Sophie.
Looks like you will have more than enough to play with at retreat-and how great to get that ufo to the top stage!

Caryn said...

Have fun on the retreat! I do the same when packing for a retreat! Your quilt is beautiful - I love the setting. I didn't recognize it as those patterns until I saw your giveaway post.

andsewitis Holly said...

Have a great time at the retreat. Your quilt turned out beautiful.

Helen in the UK said...

Have a great time at the retreat. You've certainly got a great list of projects to keep you busy :)

Amanda said...


Your Rosewood Cottage is beautiful. I have all the patterns and the fabric, but I've never made it.

I always take more than I probably need to take to a retreat so that I don't run out of things to do.

Have fun with the grandbaby. It is more fun when no one else is around!

Tanya said...

Pretty, pretty quilt! What a fun thing to make! It sure puts a smile on my face!

Lynette Anderson said...

Your Rosewood Cottage looks fabulous, I love the colours and the design is great.
Enjoy the retreat and I look forward to hearing what you get up to.

Lynda said...

The Rosewood Cottage looks lovely! It's amazing what a break from projects does to the creative spirit. How do people who do one thing at a time manage?