Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A quilty Monday

Judy is hosting another Quiltathon today, but I knew I had to do other things today. So yesterday I did nothing but work on my own quilting until we went to R&R's house a little before 5:00.

So, do I have much to show for what I did all day yesterday? Very, very little! Two more Civil War blocks and that's it. These are Fasting and Knitting and Florida Has Seceded. I put post-it notes on all the pages of the blocks I need to make to catch up, and I've marked the blocks I've already done, both on the block picture page and on the tables of contents. I accidentally marked a block I've not done, so I need to do an extra one already LOL! I need to print more paper foundations for some of the catch up blocks before I can sew them. My next one will be A Little Broth - I have the fabrics chosen and the foundation papers ready.

So what did I do with most of my Monday? Well, I let my friend Kathie talk me into starting two more longterm projects LOL! You can see them on my sidebar. I don't blame Kathie - she didn't have to twist my arm too hard!

I'm going to do Dear Jane - duplicating the original quilt as closely as possible in colors and fabrics. I have a bolt of parchment Cotton Belle that still has over 16 yards on it so I'm going to use that for the background. I've written the author of the Dear Baby Jane blog and asked her to add my name to the list. Now I just need to learn to use the software - I've had it since it first came out. I also pulled the book - which I've had for years! - off my shelves and started reading.

I'm also going to start Nearly Insane. I've wanted to do this one for years - ever since I saw some of the blocks made up in one of my favorite quilt shops. I will choose fabrics as close to the original as possible. I'm pretty sure I have enough reproduction fabrics in my stash for all the blocks. I've joined the Nearly Insane Yahoo group because they have posted a file of all the blocks drawn in EQ. I think I printed at least 30 block foundations yesterday and started choosing fabrics for my first block. The original Salinda Rupp quilt is shown in the book America's Glorious Quilts, so I have that open on my ironing board and the magnifying glass handy. Those are such wonderful blocks - each one is like a little miniature quilt!

Today I spent straightening up the house because Tangled Threads meets here tonight. I finally got around to put out my spring and Easter decorations too - better late than never I guess!


Pam said...

Are you going to start a Dear Jane and a Nearly Insane at the same time?? Good thing you are retired - I think you might be totally insane not nearly --LOL

canquilt said...

Yes, isn't she good at talking us all into things! You are just like me, working on the NI, DJ and CW quilts all at the same time. We must be crazy! Now will will have three more unfinished projects. LOL I am enjoying them so much, I think they will become finished (someday) That was me yesterday with the book and the magnifying glass. My son saw me and asked me what in the world was I doing? That is definitely the question of the day.

Kathie said...

glad to see your starting these quilts! YOu will thank me in a year or two when they are done!
LOL enjoy the journey, yes it is a long term journey :)
love the fabrics you chose so far!

Judy said...

Oh Patti, good for you jumping in. I'm not doing the Salina Rupp quilt but I've been on the fence with the Dear Jane for a very long time, having bought the backing fabric years ago to do it.

Can't wait to see your first blocks. The CW blocks look really good! All of them!

Dawn said...

I"m just loving Kathie's nearly insane blocks. I"m so tempted to do it now too! But I don't have those colors in my stash which is what is holding me back!

Patty said...

I'm so happy you've joined in the fun! You might regret it somedays - but thru the long haul you will be very happy - the first step is starting!

Karen said...

Patti, I've been catching up on your posts. Now I want to do Dear Jane! The software is right here on my computer. I want to do the Civil War Diary! I see that the CD is a mere $15. I want to do Nearly Insane! Always have just loved the colors. Aaaaaaaaa!!!

All of your blocks are lovely. I wish I hosted a Guild meeting like you, too; it would keep me honest housekeeping-wise.

Karen said...

I didn't know that there is a Nearly Insane Yahoo group. I am going to attempt to find it. I just got the book in the mail a few days ago. Thanks for alerting us to the info.