Sunday, September 2, 2007

Woven Coverlet

Both Jeanne and Finn have suggested that the red and black woven coverlet may have been woven on a narrow loom and then seamed together to make a larger bed covering. That is certainly possible - I'd not thought of that. Home looms were much narrower than commercial looms. I have no idea how much home weaving may have been done in this area in the past. I do know that the Oregon Woolen Mills were established in Oregon City in 1864, and that either the woven coverlet or the fuzzy blanket was woven by a commercial mill in Oregon City. At first I thought it was the blanket, but now I'm thinking it was more likely to be this woven coverlet. I'm looking forward to finding out the answer - I'll ask Rick to ask the collection curator when he goes to work next week.

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Mary said...

From floor to a block on the design wall - I like the transformation these strings are undergoing!