Sunday, September 2, 2007

A quiet Sunday

Just what I wanted. Except for the fact that the Mariners look like they are on their way to losing their 9th game in a row.

I'm stitching the sleeve on the last of the antique quilts. This is a log cabin in browns, creams and oranges. Rick said it's from the 1850's. It's a summer coverlet - no batting. Nevertheless it's "quilted" heavily in the ditch throughout. This one is in great shape - even the binding - except for a few logs in one part of the quilt. The repairs in this area are beautifully done but with fabric that was new at the time of the repair. I'm guessing that was the late 70's or early 80's because the fabrics are multicolored calicoes from that time. The repairs were done before the Center obtained the quilt; repair with these fabrics would never have been done by someone skilled restoring antique quilts.

I'm also moving full steam ahead on the string blocks. I've now completed 68, with 20 more to go. I'm hoping I can get the top together today - or at least finish all the blocks. I'm getting a bit tired of ripping off paper so I'm eager to try something else with the strings. Speaking of strings - I'm sure mine have been having reproductive orgies in the dark of the drawer - I know when I started that there weren't nearly this many. They won't even behave and stay in the drawers - they insist on spreading themselves all over my floor!

1. The gentle breeze blowing this morning
2. Chunky peanut butter on toast
3. Sleeping in
4. No end to quilty possibilities
5. Antique quilts


Anonymous said...

this log cabin quilt is wonderful!
must be fun to just look at all those fabrics up close!
have you noticed any that you have seen reproductions of?LOVE the string blocks..what size strip are you using for the red?
and are you planning out the colors in the quilt or just picking up a strip and sewing it on?
looks wonderful!

Finn said...

String top is looking really good Patti! What a strong statement the red center!

And, oh my! What happened to your string..looks like a family reunion....LOL Soooo many of them! Hugs, Finn

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

and one more gratitude... "strip bins that overfloweth...

Dawn said...

Wow is this log cabin quilt beautiful! And your string quilt is looking great!

Michele said...

Love your blog. I've been reading for weeks now and thought I'd just drop you a note to say thanks AND to give you one more thing to be grateful least you're not from Kansas City...have you seen where the Royals are ranked? *sigh*

Libby said...

I think that log cabin quilts are my all time favorite. I am so grateful that you are having the opportunity to share these treasures with us. I am enjoying it beyond words.

Anonymous said...

Patty I'm so empressed by the string block, where could I find the template ? It's so wonderful and I love the "crazy" look. Brava !

Hanne said...

What a lovely LC quilt - thanks for sharing :-)

Yes - the strips multiply here too - the more I use the more I have..... Your strip blocks are looking very good.

Lynda said...

The log cabin looks so fresh and new! I can hardly believe it's 150 years old! There is a certain amount of planning in there - interesting.

ForestJane said...

Nice string quilt!

I think if I had that many strings, I'd try segregating them... maybe pull the red/white/blue ones and make a quilt of valor... or the guy non-flowery fabric colors.

Don't get me wrong, I love scrappy and have done two of those red-centered garbage bag type string quilts, but I think I like the ones that are slightly more controlled with regards to color just a little better.