Monday, September 24, 2007

Half-square Triangle Squares

I've added the link to one more "tutorial". This shows one of the ways I love to make completely accurate half-square triangle squares. Nancy Martin and Marcia McCloskey developed this method years ago. Nancy developed a ruler called a "Bias Square" for this method. Having that particular ruler isn't necessary any more, as most any square ruler has a 45 degree angle line across the ruler.

Some people don't like this method because they don't like to cut long bias strips off their fabric. It's still possible to use the method, however, by cutting large squares. Just cut a large square, cut it diagonally, then cut the resulting triangles into strips by making cuts parallel to the first diagonal cut. The width of the strip depends on the size triangle square you are cutting - you will find the "rule of thumb" for the strip width in the tutorial.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Patti. I understood the concept but until seeing your pics, it never clicked that the HST's would be different (one light ending up with two different darks). What a quick way to get scrappier squares.

I really enjoyed your M-a-M tutorial too!

Sheila in Ohio