Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally a response

After four days I finally got a response from the help folks at site meter. Here's what they say:

Hello, We are correcting a problem with the meter styles on s29. If you are using the dynamically updated counter style you may be experiencing issues with the counter not being visible on your page. We are continuing to track your statistics and no information has been lost. We will post more information at http://weblog.sitemeter.com/ once the problem has been corrected.

Thank you, Site Meter Team

I was really hoping that I could keep close enough track that I could identify the 100,000 visitor to my blog. Unless they fix it quickly that's not going to be possible, as I'm now above 99,000. So much for offering a prize to the 100,000 visitor!

So I guess I'm going to have to pick a post like everyone else has done and draw a name from everyone who comments. Of course I have to figure out what a good prize would be first. I'm on post 367 right now so I think the 400th post would be a good time. That gives me time to come up with a prize also!

In the meantime I'm way behind on blog reading - as usual. I hope everyone is having lots of quilty fun - I'll catch up one of these days!


Mary said...

I have a book and some clothesline I bought - the new fabric bowls. Know I don't have time to learn/do something else so I plan on joining the current blog craze for a raffle too.

swooze said...

Hey, I will just take one for the team. You can announce me as the 100,000th visitor and send me the prize! LOL

Pam said...

99,000 visitors - that is amazing! Congratulations on that! Hopefully the site metre gets back soon, then you can still see who the 100,000 visitor is - that would be quite cool :))

Morah said...

Hmmmm....I noticed that my site meter was missing too. Thought I did something weird while updating my blog. Thamks for the info.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Both your new quilts look great!
I am excited here from passing 10,000, 100,000 will really freak me out....and take me a good while, I will make sure I stay tunes! Tracey

Quilting Journey said...

Actually, it did the space-time continuum thing and jumped over to my site. It has since recorded me as the 100,000 visitor to your site ;)