Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday report

What should come first - the good news or the bad news?

I'll start with the bad news so I can end on a positive note. This is the first week at Weight Watchers that I didn't lose weight - I gained .8 of a pound. This wasn't a surprise at all, because I knew I'd fallen off plan and stopped journaling my food intake since last Friday. I also hadn't exercised since then - except for chasing Sophie.

The good news is I now have a friend who is going with me. Tangled Thread Kim has been to WW before, and has lost weight before, but always seems to hit a plateau and then backslides. We are going to help hold each other accountable. Part of our problem is that neither of us are good at meal planning ahead of time so we just throw together what's there. We've decided that by next Wednesday's meeting we will each have a weeks menu planned with a shopping list, and will go shopping when the meeting ends about 8:30 a.m.

We went shopping today after the meeting and Kim helped me discover a bunch of new things I didn't know about. We started at Whole Foods because I was sure I could find the lowfat Monterrey Jack cheese there that I couldn't find anywhere else. Also bought some great looking fresh vegetables and a couple other things. Then we went on to Walmart. I hate Walmart - I hate so much about the way they do business - and I've always felt uncomfortable the two times I've been in their stores. This time we went to the newest super Walmart east of town where I'd not been before. What a difference! The other two stores in town are crowded, with unappealing displays. This is a beautiful, clean store with wide aisles and lovely displays, including gorgeous produce. The selection of food for people watching their food intake was huge compared to every other store I've ever been in. And of course - since it's Walmart - the prices are lower than elsewhere. I think I'm going to do my best to forget their business practices long enough to grocery shop there once a month or so. If any other stores in the area had that kind of variety I'd shop there and pay more, but they don't. So Walmart, I'll be back.

In the meantime I've pulled out my Weight Watcher cookbooks and started planning some meals. Gaining this week has renewed my resolve - I really want to hit that 10% goal when I weigh in next Wednesday.


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

You can do it. Sometimes just messing with your metabolism a bit really speeds things up for the next weigh-in. Some trainers even recommend it. I wish you luck and success, and I really should be joining you!

Suzanne Earley said...

Unfortunately, I have found that our brand-newest Wal-Mart that started out with beautiful wide, uncluttered aisles, ended up just as junky as the old Wal-Mart after awhile.

I'm glad ot hear that their produce looked good, we've never been able to find good produce at our Wal-Marts, so we've stopped looking.

In general, I find that our SuperTarget has better produce, and often better prices than Wal-Mart on groceries.

Good luck with the continued weight loss!

Julie said...

You can do it!! I NEED to do it! Lose some for me too.

Carolyn said...

Since you have been on the program, at least you have the tools that you need to get back on track and make that 10% next week. I've been struggling with staying on plan lately. I'm going to go back to Core tomorrow since I have to weigh in before the 25th and shouldn't be more than 2 pounds over my goal...I think I'm closer to 5 over right now! Fortunately, WW won't fire me - they'll just gently remind me that I have to maintain my weight as an employee! :o) That's one of the reasons I went to work for them, they hold me accountable so I can't regain all my weight!

Holly said...

Good luck with WW. I hope that you are successful with your goals.

Lynda said...

Good luck with the weight. I haven't even the will power to start a weght-loss programme! AS to Walmart, we have Asda here in England, and it's not my favourite shop either. I went in recently as it was on my route, so a good choice petrol-wise, and hated it. The place was horrid, and (I'm being snobby here) it seemed that lots of people had gone in there especially to smack or shout at their children! I emerged without everything I needed and feeling very frazzled!

Idaho Quilter said...

A little set back helps us stay on target. You will do it, just remember it is a slow but healthy process. Don't let your self get hungry and use those extra points they five you.
I avoid Walmart like the plague.
Hey Patti check out,

Cher said...

that is terrific to find a friend to help keep each other on track and with both of you committed to WW, I am sure you will achieve success!
I like the new to me light colored background on your blog...very nice

Juliann in WA said...

Just another one of life's ups and downs but sounds like you have a good plan. I need to do some meal planning around here so I don't get stuck with no dinner ideas and just give up and stop for take out on the way home.

Finn said...

hi Patti, just popping in to say "hello" and see how your week is going.
That small a gain isn't bad, and if it jacked you up that much, I know you can and will go the distance!
hurray for the super WalMart, I know how you feel, but like death, taxes and government, I think they are in the picture to stay. Even if we boycotted them,they have the foundation to wait us out. And they are a boon to many low income families. It's too big a problem for us to fix I think. Big hugs for healthy go girl! Hugs, Finn

Ulbins said...

You can do it! You've been making smart choices lately, even when you've been off the wagon. I eat dinner with you once (sometimes twice) a week, and you've been doing fabulously. Last week is done, and it's on to the next! Good for you moving it into a positive (recommitting rather than giving up).

Dan is down into a new decade, which means lower points for him... it's still 11 points more than I get :0(

I also HATE Walmart. Though I admit to shopping there about 6 times in the last 4 years. Yuck. The last time I went, it was at that nice Walmart for which you speak. It is very nice, however, as my favorite canidate for president said (Both canidates have said this saying in that last 7 months, so you have to guess which I'm going for), "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."