Saturday, April 5, 2008

This week's blocks

I'm now caught up on the Civil War blocks through tomorrow - thank goodness! Now I can spend a bit of time on something else. My bolt of Kona Cotton Bone arrived on Wednesday. I'm going to cut off a few yards, prewash it, and get started on my Dear Jane blocks! Carol Doak's foundation paper is back ordered, so I thought I would have to postpone starting my Salinda Rupp quilt (Nearly Insane), but my friend Kathie is coming to my rescue and has mailed a package to me. Thanks Kathie!

Angel Visits

Circumstances Are Such

Guardian Angel

Nothing Like an Affectionate Wife

The Farce of Reconstruction
Sugar Cane

Surrender of Vicksburg

Texas Rangers


Carole said...

Oh.... sweet, sweet, sweet! Is that for me? Really, you shouldn't have! lol They'll make a sweet looking quilt! Thanks for sharing!

Lily Boot said...

Aaah! Patti they are lovely - I especially like the emphasis on blue this week. And - here's my broken record bit - you are meticulous how you just sit down and get it done! Would you take some photos of your progress with the Carol Doaks paper and post them? - I have a whole packet but have not yet used it - I'd love to see it in action. warm regards, lily

Judy said...

Fabulous job Patti! I'm slowly catching up!

Tanya said...

I love all those colors for your Civil War quilt! This is going to be so striking!

canquilt said...

Great blocks, great colors. I haven't had a chance to make the blocks for last week yet. Hopefully soon, they are so much fun.