Friday, April 4, 2008

Civil War Block Report

I've been back from retreat since just before noon on Tuesday, but it seems like I've been running madly ever since. I've just not found time to post any sooner. Granted, I've been in the sewing room madly trying to catch up with this week's Civil War Diaries blocks, but I've also been occupied with our guild quilt show. I took my quilts in on Wednesday morning but couldn't hang around to help due to app'ts - hair, nails, etc. I looked pretty scroungy after quilting day and half the night for five days. I also had to get my Grandma fix by spending time with Joseph, Rick and Rebecca. Today I spent most of the day at the quilt show - seeing the quilts and then hand quilting the quilt in the frame. Even in this age of mostly machine quilted quilts we still generate much interest in the show attendees in watching us hand quilt.

I'll post more about the quilt show later - I've not downloaded the pictures from the camera yet. I'll also tell more about the retreat. In the meantime I want to show you the Civil War blocks I finished while I was gone - eleven of them. These brought me to a grand total of 60 blocks as of Sunday evening.

Beauregard's Narrow Escape

Bolts of Fabric

Bull Run

Hand Grenade

Home Sweet Home

Lincoln's Telegraph


My Greatest Trial

Tents of the Enemy


United No Longer


Lily Boot said...

Oh I like Bull Run - I love red and yellow together. And the feathered fabric in the next block (?) is ever so pretty - it really adds to the block design. 60 blocks! That is 5 times me - eeeeeek! I must sew some more before everyone is done - because I really do love them and ooh and aah every week at what everyone is doing. I watched the film Cold Mountain yesterday - what a beautiful film, but I can't think of a sadder film I've ever watched. Gosh it sure added a new perspective to the Civil War Quilt Diary and Love Letters. Even now, 24 hours later, I still feel shell shocked. Oh! and welcome home! :-)

Judy said...

Yippee do Patti, the blocks are spectacular! You did a great job on them. Did you end up paper piecing Hand Grenade? I almost want to see if the tri-recs tool will make those small blocks but wonder if it's worth it??

Good job!