Friday, April 25, 2008

Presents from bloggy friends

This past week I received several nice packages in the mail, including two presents from bloggy friends across the globe. These are extra special as they were handmade with me in mind. These are from two very special ladies who mean a great deal to me as they have enriched my life in so many ways.

The first is one of Darlene's pincushions. Many people around the world have received these from Darlene - she is such a kind, generous loving soul! She promised me something for my newly redecorated sewing room, which I promptly forgot all about. So this was pretty much out of the blue. Thank you so much Darlene - I just love it! It will be so much fun to use this, as I'll be reminded of your friendship each time I see it.

The second was made for me by Lily and came all the way around the world from Australia. A short time ago Lily offered a prize to the first two people who left a comment on her post. I was the second person to comment - it helps to live in the pacific coast timezone! The handwork on this little lady is positively exquisite. She is Lily's own design I believe, and her name is Marta. I was glad she survived her long trip around the world; she was so happy to be released from her wrappings so she could breathe again. She will have a place of honor in my spring decorations - as soon as I figure out where that is!

1. Retirement!
2. Children and grandchildren
3. A wonderful husband


Cheryl said...

What wonderful gifties you received!

Teresa said...

What a pretty girl Marta is!

Wendy said...

You'll have fun finding just the right place in your sewing room for these lovely gifts.

Rachelmp said...

Oh, what lovely gifts. You must be smiling about these! x Rachel

Carole said...

Lovely gifts! Darlene is a sweetheart! Fun mail always makes someone's day! Thanks for sharing!