Saturday, April 12, 2008

Civil War Diaries blocks for the upcoming week

Kathie has asked me to choose the blocks for this coming week. I can't remember whether or not our "Diaries" week starts on Sunday or Monday so I figured if I posted the list tonight it would work for either. I'm going to choose easier, faster blocks as I know some of the participants are trying to catch up. You should be able to do all of these without paper piecing.

These are all from the Civil War Diary Quilt book:

Conscript Law - p. 17
Merchantable Goods - p. 61
Hateful Old Thieves - p. 103
Sad and Lonely Days - p. 119
Love Letter - p. 149
Knitting and Reading - p. 153
Bombardment - p. 161

If you have done any of the above already - or prefer to do some from each book - here are a few easier blocks from the Civil War Love Letter Quilt book:

Skirmishing, Cannon Firing and Uproar - p. 27
Benefits of the Sick and Wounded - p. 61
Back Home - p. 65
Treat from Home - p. 105
The Monitor - p. 115
False Graves - p. 117
Camp Conditions - p. 157


Kristie said...

I just love visiting your blog and seeing your progress on the Civil War quilt. I am doing the Diary quilt, but I only have 25 blocks finished. How many do you have done now??

Dawn said...

Yes, I"m one of those who have fallen wayyyyy behind!

Céline said...

I looking forward to join you !! I've just made 14 blocks