Saturday, April 5, 2008

I have a winner!

Tonight I printed all the comments left on my give away post. I was very excited to see who would win the Rosewood Cottage patterns.

I started with a smaller container, but there were so many comments that I had to switch to a larger container. I mixed up all the slips really well and then asked Shadow if he'd like to draw. As he is seventeen years old and quite deaf he just looked at me with that "Huh?" look in his eyes. He's nearly blind from cataracts also so he probably couldn't see the basket either. His nose is as good as ever, so I should have put a doggie treat in the basket.

So I went upstairs to have Fred draw as he wasn't doing anything much of importance - watching some sporting event on TV I think - and he drew the first name. Unfortunately it was a person who has no blog, no email address on their comment, and no separate email to me to let me know how to reach her.

So, I went back upstairs and asked Fred to draw another name. This draw resulted in success. Debi from Quilting With Debi - you are the winner! Congratulations! Please send me your snail mail address ASAP so I can get the patterns sent to you on Monday. Enjoy them, and maybe we'll see a quilt from you like this one in the future!

As for the rest of you - I'm sorry you didn't win. I imagine I'll have another give away before too long however - I just discovered that I bought a pattern I already had LOL!


Quilting Journey said...

You do have a winner! Debi is a fabulous quilter and a wonderful, wonderful lady. Plus, she is someone who might actually use the patterns she won and make a quilt! Your shadow may be blind and deaf but he is certainly a precious fellow and speaking of fellows...tell Fred that he was such a good sport to draw twice! you think you could just go ahead and put my name in for the next contest ahead of time? You know, the pattern you just bought that you already owned. That'll keep me from being entry #86/90 next time ;)

Vickie said...

woohoo Debi congrats...
cheers Vickie