Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday report

The baby shower was very nice on Sunday - thank goodness! I always get really nervous when I entertain. We had about 20 people - and barely managed to squeeze them all into the room. I took very few pictures as it turned out, so I cant' show much until I get a picture disk from a coworker of Rebecca's that took lots and lots of pictures. The weather was horrible for the day - heavy rain and wind - which prevented one couple from traveling down for the party - but everyone else made it. We had just the right amount of food and the cake was super delicious. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - can't beat that!

Somehow in the middle of the preparations I managed to complete the second snowball block. It's similar to the first one - just a wee bit different. Tonight I'll start on an eagle block - the easier blocks are all done for now.

The storms hitting western Washington have been completely devastating during the last 24 -36 hours. Winds of over 100 miles battered the coastline. All roads between here and the coast are closed. The major north-south highway - I-5 - is closed about halfway up Washington state at Centralia-Chehalis. The water is over 10 feet deep across the freeway. The only available detour is a 440 mile trip over the mountain passes and through eastern Washington. The railroads are shut down also because of tracks under water. Some areas of the state are estimated to be without power for the next 6-8 days. Generators are not going to be much good because they are already running out of fuel and no roads are open for fuel trucks to come in. The best news coverage picture-wise is from one of the Seattle papers.
Here is a link. The first picture you see is the town where my longarm reps live. They were evacuated yesterday and have no idea whether their home is underwater or not.

Luckily we didn't fare so badly. Lots and lots of down tree limbs and some flooded roadways, but as far as I know homes are OK and no local loss of life. One local bridge over a major creek is now closed until spring due to damage, but that's it as far as I know. It's going to take a long time to clean up from this.


Mary said...

It just seems like we have more and more severe weather these days. I'm so sorry for everyone facing those storms. I'm enjoying the snow we're having but since I don't have to drive in it, it's easy to enjoy. Of course, I do have to make it to the airport very early in the AM but I'm taking a cab.

Pam said...

I was watching the local King 5 news tonight and saw all the terrible flooding. I hope the weather gets better and the water goes down soon. It sure is a mess there in Washington - and it sound like Oregon as well.

Tazzie said...

How scary for you with the weather - it seems to be so extreme, I hope you fare okay.
That block is just super cute - I would love tackle some applique like that some day.

julieQ said...

Oh my goodness, those storms have been just ferocious on TV! Hope you are staying warm and in off the highways, sounds like most of the roads are closed anyway.

Very pretty snowflake block!

Libby said...

What fun it sounds like you had at the baby shower . . . the excitement sure is building.
That storm is almost down to us now - we are expecting HUGE surf today with the rains arriving tomorrow or Friday. It must be a very strong weather front, they so rarely last this far to the south.

Karen (Misiz C) said...

I've been wondering how you fared as I watch the news reports of the storm damage. Glad you posted you are ok.

Love the new block. Can't wait to see what you do with them. And belated congrats on your upcoming retirement.

Kathy Wagner said...

Oh my goodness...I hope you will stay safe and dry. What a terrible time for those who were flooded out.

Rebecca said...

That little guy is just the cutest! And your snowflakes are just wonderful.


Dawn said...

Wow! Your having worse weather than us! Oh how exciting the party must have been though! But just wait till the party when Joseph finally gets to come home!

Judy said...

I bet everyone had a great time at the shower regardless of the weather. It's always fun to celebrate a new baby coming to it's new home!

What storms you had! I hope it doesn't make it's way across the country

atet said...

Looks like folks had a great time at the shower. Love the blocks you've been showing as well. And how many more days 'til retirement??!!??

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I grew up in a town that flooded regularly, so I know what that's like. Some buildings in town never lost the smell of the floods.
When I went to the news page, it had obviously changed, but I read some amazing things apart from the floods. A warning about CO deaths, and a tow truck driver in trouble for towing a police car!

The Chicken Lady said...

The snowball bocks are gorgeous. I'm glad you did ok through the storms. I have friends on the Oregon coast and it sounds like they got pretty hammered. They're safe, tho. Thank God!