Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost Christmas

Here it is the afternoon of December 23rd. Where oh where does the time go? Today I planned to do all my baking - cinnamon rolls and two pies. So far my cinnamon roll dough is doing it's first rising and that is it. The pies will probably get done tomorrow morning. I tried kneading my cinnamon roll dough for the first time with my Kitchen Aid mixer - sure hope they turn out OK. I've made them for over 40 years and always kneaded them by hand. The dough doesn't look the same. Time will tell - if they aren't quite as good then hopefully my family will forgive me. Better to try out on family than the batches I'm making later this week to give to friends.

I'm all caught up on Bonnie's Mystery. I'm so glad I decided to join! Most all the strips came from my strip bins. I had to cut some blue strips from stash fat quarters but that's it. The blue squares came from my 3 1/2" square box and the neutral squares were cut from my 3 1/2" strips. I can hardly wait to see what we are to do next.

Rick, Rebecca, Chelsea, Jeremy and Sophie will be with us for Christmas Eve. We are having our traditional cheese fondue, plus a honey glazed ham, fruit salad, green salad and pies. It will be fun to watch Sophie experiencing her first family Christmas. Then Rick and Rebecca will join us for breakfast on Christmas morning. All the kids will be with their other families the rest of Christmas, so Fred and I are blessed to be having dinner with Tangled Threads friends.

Wishing each and every one of you a happy holiday season - whatever holidays you celebrate.


Carol said...

I'm on my way for cinnamon rolls...LOL! Merry Christmas to you and your family Patti...ENJOY!

Kristie said...

Cinnamon rolls sound sooooooo good! I loved your story about the quilt. That is such a great way to make use of the quilt, by making a tree skirt. Great Job!
Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Norma said...

I am also anxious to see how everyone's mystery quilts are going to turn out. I am resisting starting another quilt just now as there are so many on the burners as it is. I love the variation in the blues that you have in your blocks--should be a stunner when you are finished!

Helen in the UK said...

Great progress on the mystery :)