Monday, December 31, 2007

Are you up for a challenge?

May Britt has issued a WISP challenge for January. WISP is a new word for me - but it certainly works - "Work in Slow Progress". My WISP's are SO slow that one can hardly ever see them moving at all LOL! I love a good quilty challenge - especially when it has to do with finishing things - so I told May I accepted her challenge. You can see by the list on my sidebar that I certainly have my work cut out for me!

The first rule is that we have to blog a photo of the WISP before we start working on it. Easy peasy - I know just what my first two WISP's will be. Christmas table runners! Maybe this was they will be done before next Christmas! Some of you have heard this story before. I pieced these blocks in 1992 when I was teaching a precision piecing class. I didn't want to make an entire quilt, so I made three table runners from the nine blocks. One of them actually got finished this year and went to my daughter-in-law for her birthday. One of them is promised to my daughter, and one is for me. These last two have been pinned to my longarm waiting to be quilted for almost a month. This is the third time one of them has been pinned to the machine. This time I'm determined to finish them before removing them. So you see before me my project for tomorrow and/or the next day - finishing these two table runners.

Maybe the third time is the charm?

1. A short but nice visit with Cher this morning.
2. A kitchen sink drain that is finally cleared of all clogs
3. Fresh, clean sheets on our bed
4. A beautiful wedding for a dear friend
5. Fun quilty challenges from online friends


Judy said...

I believe you Patti! Third times the charm!

Linda_J said...

Is your retirement official now? Woohoo if it is! You will have tons more time to sew and spend time with those precious grandbabies.

Reading your posts and others reminds me that I should do a little accounting and goal setting too. We know it is not etched in stone but will help keep us on track, hopefully.

All the best to you in 08, Patti.

Norma said...

We are all cheering you on! What a great head start on next Christmas while finishing two WISP's in the process!

Kathie said...

wow two more finishes after tomorrow!
I have a feeling your going to be amazing this year finishing up a lot of projects!

May Britt said...

Great!!!! Look forward to see all the finished projects.
Final report on this will be jan 31th when I post about asking how you all have been doing.

Libby said...

It's going to be fun watching the progress . . . I'm not playing, but I'm an excellent cheerleader *s*