Friday, December 28, 2007

A lesson learned - maybe - at least temporarily

I need to stay out of the sewing room when I'm tired. We all know this, right? And and do we pay attention to this rule? I know I don't - and I suspect many others don't also. That's when mistakes happen. Sometimes little and fixable. And sometimes big and un-fixable.

Last night was my mid-century album quilt class. I've finished quite a few blocks since our last class in October so I wanted to take them with me for show and tell. The last one I finished needed trimming. Easy peasy, right?


I was tired. I'd not slept at all well Wednesday night. I didn't get to sleep until almost 1:00 a.m. When the alarm rings at 6:00 a.m. then that means I'm going to be tired. I made the mistake of having a glass of wine with dinner and almost fell asleep at the table. Did I pay attention to my body? Of course not! When have I ever been known to have a lot of common sense?

So I pressed the block. And trimmed of the extra allowance for applique shrinkage. And put it on the design wall to take it's picture. That's when I noticed. Can you see it? I was looking at the wrong lines on the ruler. My simple little block is now horribly lopsided. Not at all appropriate for this Album quilt.

And so I have another orphan. I guess this is why one can always find orphans for another ride on Finn's train. Oh well. I used reverse applique on the center of this one and wish I hadn't. The seam allowances on the center motifs shadow through the off white background. If I make it again I'll use regular applique for the whole thing. How's that for an attempt to convince myself this wasn't that bad an accident after all?


Kristie said...

It happens! I've done the samething many times. And trust me I have a ton of orphan blocks. I usually sew a few of them together to make a baby quilt and donate it to the local pediatrician's office where my sister works.

Cascade Lily said...

Oh dear Patti! Ah well the remake will be perfect!

Maybe in retirement you'll learn to listen to your body.

And one question: why are you setting an alarm these days?!!

susanm said...

You seem to have learned something but what??? Nothing on earth is perfect. Mistakes are there for a reason. Maybe you could use all the wrongs and make a right for charity. I love mistakes, use them anyway.

doni said...

Patti - I'm temporarily across the river from you - fly back to Nebaska Jan 2. BUT we are closer in spirit than that! One evening - late - I wanted to finish a vest of quilted fabric - I took a class, I bought the last yard of that fabric in the universe, I measured,and I cut two left fronts! That night I heard my dead quilter grandma laughing at me! [She always did have a mean sense of humor!] Somehow it doesn't help that we all have that in common!

Marilyn R said...

I have done the same thing with a block that that lots of hand applique on it. Yikes!

Judy said...

I think everyone at one time or the other has done the very same thing! You can really see the white ghost around the center parts, so it's a pretty good attempt at passing it off as a happy accident.

I also have that red fabric and just love it..I bought a whole bundle of those Turkey reds and sparingly use them, saving them for just the right thing!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Been there done that. I have made a few mistakes too late at night.

Dawn said...

Oh poor orphan block! And it is so pretty! I won't even tell you how many times I've done a dumb one like that!

Helen said...

What a lovely block. You made a pretty convincing argument for it being a practice block :-)