Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An empty room - more or less

It's now just a few minutes less than three hours since my last post, which I wrote just before I started emptying the room. I really never expected to get this done this quickly. I moved it all myself except for a little help from Fred when I needed to get things off the top two levels of the green shelf. I still need to take things off the walls because the new shelves are higher than what I had before. I imagine I'll have to move a few of the posters upstairs to Gandalf's room (my longarm - a Proto with the Stitch Wizard - named after the wizard in Lord of the Rings). I think I can still find room for the bulletin board and hopefully my ribbons. The green shelf will go out in the garage for storage - I need Fred to help me move that this afternoon. I'm not sure about the white bookshelf. I wish I could find room for it somewhere else in the house because I hate to get rid of it. The kids don't want it. I've not given up looking yet. The machine and the two sets of rolling drawers that hold the TV will stay where they are now, as will the filing cabinet. That's the only thing that will remain the same. I also have to vacuum well, and clean the carpet also by the looks of it. Guess that's what I'll do this afternoon.

We also have to go pick up our CRV from the body shop this afternoon. I don't think I've gotten around to mention that I was "rear ended" in the front of the vehicle the day after the Fourth of July. I know - sounds very strange. I pulled up behind another vehicle at a stop sign just south of the credit union branch where my office is located. The driver was not pulled up to the intersection, and was just sitting there talking to the girl in the passenger seat. Just as I was about to give a gentle toot of the horn to let him know he needed to move, as he was sitting in the middle of the street, he decided to back up. I sounded my horn as loudly and quickly as I could, but it wasn't fast enough. He backed hard right into the front of the CRV. Thank goodness it wasn't hard enough to set off the air bags - otherwise they probably would have totalled the vehicle. You may remember that we'd just paid it off a very few months ago.

See the next post for the rest of the story - I need more words up there to stretch out far enough for me to post all my pictures.

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