Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bits and pieces

Wow! Thanks so much for all the compliments, everyone! This orphan top sure was a lot of fun to do. I couldn't go to sleep last night because I was still fitting parts and pieces together in my head! So I slept in this morning and haven't made any progress on the second one yet.

Marcie wanted a closer look at the quilt on the bench - happy to oblige. This top was one I made years ago - I would have gone much scrappier now. I still like it, however. It is from a book I've had for years calls "Yeah, Yeah, USA!" It was one of the first quilts I finished after I got my longarm, and after I'd become acquainted with Bonnie's Quiltville site. I busted quite a bit of stash making that backing! There are several more projects in the book that I want to do, including a large - 36" I think - Uncle Sam doll that will look great on the rocker in the summer.

I'm happy to report that after a temporary loss of focus resulted in a couple pound weight gain last week, I'm now back in stride. This morning the scale showed a loss of another pound and a half, which makes a total of 11 1/2. Hooray! And I've even gotten back on my exercise cycle for three days in a row! My goal is to lose enough so when we go back to our "standard" dress code at work after Labor Day I'll be able to fit into all the work suits and dresses that have hung unworn in my closet for almost two years.

Speaking of work - it is now less than a year until I retire!!!!! 364 days - but whose counting?


Libby said...

Just can't get enough of those Americana quilts. The Uncle Sam sounds like fun, too!

Norma said...

This quilt is stunning! Only 364 days to go? Have you posted a counter to keep track? LOL

Finn said...

Ne!Me!Me...Patti! I'm counting!!! I can't wait for you to join the ranks of the retired...*VBS* You'll go crazy, trust me! With as much as you get done NOW, you'll be in 'hog heaven' as they say..*S*
Love the Americana quilt, and believe it or now, I actually HAD that Yeah! Yeah! USA book, but then later sold it to a customer who was 'dying' to have it. It was and is a fun book. I had forgotten that great quilt, as well as the Uncle Sam doll.
So happy the orphans are keeping you happy...always a good thing *VBS* Hugs, Finn

Tazzie said...

Just gorgeous Patti, I love it! Don't we just love Bonnie, I haven't looked back since piecing backs, and my stash is looking smaller by the month.
It must be less than 364 days now!

swooze said...

Love the red, white and blue! Thanks for sharing!

Nan said...

I'm so glad someone asked to see that quilt! I love it, front and back! You are such a talented lady!
Congrats on the weight loss - something I am working on myself. There's something about the summer weather that energizes me to get rid of the "spare tire"!

Marcie said...

That is a really awesome quilt, Patti! Thanks for showing us. I love your orphan block quilts too. I just posted a couple smaller ones on my blog. Come and visit!

Dawn said...

I love this americana one! You just can't beat red, tan and blue!