Monday, March 13, 2006

A little bit was accomplished . . .

on my trip. Would you believe I forgot that most of my flight time would be at night? My eyes aren't nearly good enough to appliquéd by that tiny light one can turn on when all the airplane lights are dimmed. I got my eagle block finished, so when I got home I was able to stitch it to the other two blocks. Luckily I also had a book on CD to listen to so I wasn't totally bored.

I partially finished the Girl Gang tree block also - and that was it! I was all washed out on Saturday with the rapid time changes - at least I'm sticking to that story - so I spent the morning reading and then finished the tree block, the pineapple block and the snowman block. That allowed me to stitch all the bottom pieces together. Here's what that looks like now.

So I still have 5 or 6 prepped applique blocks to do. That's OK - we're going to the beach this coming weekend with the kids and their spouses so I'll need some handwork to take along. I also have a quilting retreat coming up the following week that I mainly want handwork for. So I probably still don't have enough for all that time and will need to find more hand projects to work on.

Reminiscing now . . . 1991 . . . both kids are now in high school with our daughter entering her senior year and our son entering his sophomore year. That meant lots of volunteering as parents to help with various school activities. I was substitute teaching then, with a long term maternity leave job all spring and starting a one-year half time extended kindergarten contract in September. I also became president of the quilt guild in September. I was teaching quilting at Daisy Kingdom in Portland Oregon. Helping dear daughter with the college hunt. It was an incredibly busy year! Can't believe it was 15 years ago now!

I've finished reading all the blog entries that were posted while I was gone. Didn't take time to comment as I wanted to get through all of them. I'll do better from now on and post comments again. It's really great to be home - I'm basically a home body. I get too lonely for (1) family, (2) friends, (3) sewing machine, (4) fabric, and (5) chatting, reading and posting about quilting with all my Internet buddies - not necessarily in that order!


Mary said...

Luckily I was knitting on my plane ride home so the low light didn't bother me. The eagle looks good - can't wait to see the rest of the quilt.

Patty said...

As always I am impressed !