Monday, March 13, 2006

Good morning to all!

I am back from my business trip and almost recovered - I'm really a lousy traveler when I fly. Took me until last night to catch up with all my email, and I've still not caught up reading everyone's blogs. Figured I'd better do a short post at least so everyone would know I'm still alive and kicking.

I enjoyed the walk down memory lane a few of you posted about. So here's mine:

In 1976 I was a stay at home mom with a daughter who turned two in June and a son born in May of that year. Two kids were 100 times more work than one! I was doing everything I could to stay home - we were so broke! I sewed all our clothes - even tailored a suit for my school teacher husband. I had a vegetable garden in our tiny backyard - filled every corner with garden! I canned about 1500 jars of fruit and vegetables, and froze what I didn't can. I taught piano in the afternoon to about 15 kids - most of whom didn't practice so they never progressed much - that provided money for milk and eggs in between the monthly paycheck. Sometimes I just played with my kids all day. Those were such happy times!

I need to get ready for work. I'll post about 1991 later today.


Jeanne said...

Welcome back, Patti! Aaah, the good old days ...
I agree, two kids are not twice as much work, they're a zillion times as much work than one!!!! But once you're on the "Mommy Zone" you just keep plugging away at it.
Jeanne :)

Finn said...

Hi Patti, glad you are home safe and sound. I was pleasantly suprised to see you a son and his birthday with Darilyn and myself. Her son born May 4th, I think she said, mine born April 27th..*VBS* Must have been a good year for boys.
Yes, I had a teaching husband at that time too..they sure didn't make much, and that doesn't seem to have changed much either. I also had the large garden and being in the country, also chickens, etc. It was a good life if you survived it..LOL I do remember it fondly..Hugs, Finn

Cher said...

I can join in on that-I had a son turning one in 1976 with the second son born the following year.
We sure were busy being parents...
welcome back Patti! I know you must be so happy to be back home.