Saturday, March 4, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

I guess blogger won't allow more than 5 pictures per post, so I thought I do another short post about the "It's a Wonderful Live" quilt. The first picture is what my blocks look like so far. I have four or five star blocks to piece this weekend, as well as all the appliqué blocks I prepped. The second picture is what the entire quilt looks like. This is Jan Patek's version. The picture isn't the best - it's pretty dark in spots. I think she's going for spring at the top of the quilt and winter at the bottom, which is why the fabric tones get darker.

I'm using felted wools and ultrasuede in my blocks in addition to cottons. The cat, the school boy's hair and the books are felted wool. The book straps are ultrasuede. The house is "The Winter House" on the bottom of the quilt. The "Spring and Summer House" and "The Fall House" are two of the blocks I'm prepping today. I don't like the fabric I sewed to the top of the winter house. It's a blue and white plaid that I really liked, but I discovered it's way too light when I took the picture. Today I took it off and will find something else that works better. I'm sure having fun making this quilt!


Alena said...

What a beautiful quilt you are creating! I love it... According to my experience there is no limit to the number of photos per post... Just get wild next time :o)

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love this quilt and am getting the patterns but sad to say just haven't had the time to make it! I"m soooo behind! Glad I'm finally getting a chance to catch up - I hope you get that trip to Indy next year - wouldn't the 3 of us have a blast!

Vicky said...

Beautiful blocks!! That is going to be a dynamite quilt!!! Can't wait to see it all finished up!!

Mary said...

Looking good.

I like to knit or crochet when I travel. It seems easier to get together before the trip and easier to take out and put back during the trip.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh gosh, with all the beautiful photos of applique on the blogs, I just might have to make at least 1 applique block - not up to an entire quilt, but maybe 1 block! You are an inspiration - your work is very beautiful.