Thursday, September 16, 2010

Backyard Redo - Part 3

Shrubs planted in the back yard and waiting for planting in the front yard include (clicking on each name will take you to a page with picture of that plant) :

Arbutus unedo - "strawberry bush"
Abelia "Edward Goucher"
Euonymus alatus rubus
Ceanethus victorius
Deutzia gracelis
Philadelphus coronares
Piers japonica
Enkianthus capanulatur

Kalmia latifolia
Fuschia - both dwarf and bush
Blue diamond rhododendrons
Hino crimson azaleas
Mock Orange
Beautyberry bush

Most of these meant nothing to me in the long list of possibilities that was presented by the landscaper and my gardening friends. After carefully checking out each one on the Internet - love Google Image search! - I made the final list.

Having the watering system is heaven after dragging around sprinklers and hoses for 36 years!

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