Thursday, September 16, 2010

Backyard Redo - Part 2

The backyard is nearly finished for now - and has been for a couple weeks. There is still lots of planting to do - bulbs a couple weeks from now, and then perennials and annuals next spring. I'd hoped to plant a lot of the perennials now, as this is the time people divide them in preparation for winter. Unfortunately, it's not the time that nurseries carry much of a selection at all - just fall bloomers. This gives me all winter to thumb through my gardening books and design exactly what I want to plant next spring.

Looking west at the raised bed garden. This is for vegetables every summer, or a cutting garden if I get tired of growing food. At the rear next to the fence is 20' of raspberries, three rhubarb plants, and three blueberry bushes. In front will be a 7' deep perennial garden, with climbing roses on the trellis and bulbs and annuals to accent the perennial garden. There will be color and bloom from early spring to late fall.

Looking east from the arbor is the path leading back to the house patio and branching to the patio underneath the cherry and apple trees. Shrubs are planted at the back of the beds which will provide privacy from the neighbors.

A closer look at the patio under the trees.

The patio near the French doors in the dining room.

Looking to the east side of the garage you can see the woodpile, potting bench, and the space ready for my rolling composter.


Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I love all the tutorials you have on you blog. I am an older quilter but I can always learn new tricks.

kattylou said...

Happy to hear from you again .
I've got many passion too including cooking reading quilting stitching but I'm working with 3 teens
I love your new garden What a nice place to read I like gardening too ..