Monday, September 6, 2010


Thanks so much for the welcome back comments everyone! I've really missed each and every one of my readers. It's going to take quite awhile to catch everyone up on what's been happening. I certainly won't lack for posting material for quite awhile! I decided to change the blog name to something that covers almost all parts of my life. I do have an obsessive personality. When I get excited about something it almost takes over my life to the exclusion of almost everything else. My obsession was quilting - for over 20 years - the longest time an obsession has ever lasted for me. I've not really done any quilting for over a year, but that doesn't mean I've stopped quilting forever. It just isn't a current passion. For awhile early last year it was cooking.- That didn't last long - just a few months. Starting last September it became knitting. Now I can feel something else coming along. I've never been able to maintain more than one obsession at a time, but I've decided that MUST change. I need to add gardening - you'll see why in a post later this week - and get back to quilting so I can make Miss Emily her quilt. It also needs to be cooking again, so I can really get back on track with Weight Watchers. Right now I'm 8 lbs above goal, and new clothes are getting tight. Must keep knitting too - I've made too many new friends in my two knitting groups and I have WAY too much yarn accumulated. Therefore - a blog title to cover all of this! I'm posting some teaser pictures here from the last 8+ months. Stay tuned for more!

Pictures from top to bottom:

1. We finally got sewers late last fall. When we moved in we were told they'd be done within two years. That was 37 years ago. We hooked up in February. Good thing, as our septic system was ready to fail for the second time. We'd already fixed it once over 25 years ago to the tune of several thousands dollars even then.

2. Miss Emily - taken with my phone about 90 minutes after her birth. She is a big girl!

3. One of about a half dozen pairs of socks I've made myself. (Yes, this really is a pair!)

4. Premie baby caps for the hospital. Four of them are mine.


Ruthie said...

Love the new name! And the baby is darling also.

jillquilts said...

Love the new name! Great pics and I can't wait to see more!

Kathie said...

I Love making those baby hats too!
we made a lot the past few years for our local hospital but now the no longer accept them