Thursday, September 16, 2010

Front yard redo - part 1

Now take a look at pictures of the front yard taken last week and early this week!

Today - Thursday - we are looking at new trenches in the backyard leading through the gate to the west of the house, into and all over the front yard. Little yellow and blue flags are everywhere marking where the sprinkler heads will be.

Tomorrow, weather allowing, I will take up to date pictures. They hope to get all the pipes, sprinkles and other parts of an irrigation system installed and the trenches filled. The rush is to get the grass planted so I has time to grow and be cut a time or two before winter dormancy. I sure don't want a sea of mud in the front yard all winter long!

In this picture you can see - to the right of the dogwood - the Autumn Flame red maple that is replacing the sweet gum tree that used to be there. It's roots were invasive and heading toward the foundation so we got rid of it. I'm really looking forward to the brilliant red of leaves come next fall on the new tree.

We used old brick we got from the kids to edge all the beds in the backyard. I've not gotten a great picture of that yet, but I assure you it looks terrific. Fred can run the wheel of the lawn mower right on the bricks instead of having to trim edges after mowing. We have some bricks left, but will need to buy many more to do this in the front. I will investigate other possibilities, but I must admit I'm partial to the brick. This bare space on the east of the driveway will house the tent trailer on the left. Bushes and perennials of various sizes will be on the half by the street. I've always wanted to get rid of that little bit of grass - a huge nuisance for Fred every time he mows.

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