Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight loss update

Weigh in was this morning at Weight Watchers. I'd tracked very carefully this week - making sure I wrote down everything that went into my mouth even when I didn't want to, including the half dozen french fries I stole from Joseph when I took him out to lunch on Monday.

I chose to have a wild dinner last Thursday - including Baby Back Ribs, some fries and coleslaw, a Long Island Ice Tea for startes, and the bartender's signature "chocolate milk" in a martini glass for dessert. Completely yummy - but adding up to 47 points! I'm only allowed 20 per day! I had ten or twelve left of my daily allowance, so used all but about 3 of my extra 35 points I receive each week. It was worth every point, but it sure made it hard to stick to the plan the rest of the week when I had so few points. I did exercise to add some activity points, but by last night I didn't have a single point to spare.

The main thing is I tracked and paid attention - and I lost .6 of a pound. Not much, but still down some instead of gaining. I'm very pleased with that result!


imagrandma2five said...

Congrats on your weight loss this week. I am a WW alum but had fallen way off the wagon. I went back to my old WW ways (that's when we counted calories, weighed and measured everything) and I've lost 50 pounds since October. Tried on some old summer clothes that I hadn't been able to get into in years and they fit! Whoo hoo!
Good luck on your journey!
Karen in NE Indiana

Sweet P said...

Congrats on your weight loss!

Lynda said...

Weight loss is weight loss, so well done you!

Maggie A said...

Good for you. I'm also doing WW and some weeks I don't lose....but don't gain either.....tracking sure is the key. Keep it up.