Friday, April 10, 2009

April Goals

The less said about my March goals the better. I reached only on goal, and that was the easiest. The rest hardly got started. But then I was sick over half the month, and then tied up with family obligations for the rest of the month, so it's OK that I didn't get much done. It's not a race after all, and I do want to enjoy my quilting rather than being driven by it.

I tried to go easy on myself when I wrote my April goals. The most important thing I must do is complete customer quilts. I figured I'd get a good start on those this week - instead I've been occupied with watching Joseph and helping his mom and day. Thank goodness my customers understand, and agree that family comes first.

I have no recent pictures to post at the moment - hopefully later today.

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Crispy said...

Goals are good, but it's nice that you have chosen to enjoy your projects. Hopefully things will slow down a bit in the near future.