Friday, October 3, 2008

Striking out an item on a sidebar list

I've received quite a few comments asking me how to "cross out" an item in a sidebar list - the way I've done in my UFO and Flimsy lists. I've replied to those people whose email address is available, but often I have no way to contact the person making the comment. So, without further ado, here is how it is done. At least the way I do it - there may be other ways but I have no idea what they are.

Since I created my sidebar lists when I was still using the old version of blogger, they are all written in HTML. The strike out command is also done in HTML language. It looks like this

49. <>PINS Churn Dash Exchange < /s ><>DONE!< /strong >

Update: In the above example there is supposed to be a letter "s" inside the first set of brackets. I've tried to correct this several times, and every time I save it the "s" disappears.

The <> is placed directly before the first word you are crossing out, and the < /s > is placed directly after the last word you are crossing out. The second command is very important - if you forget it then everything after will be crossed out.

Important note: In my examples above and below I had to put a space before and after the command in the brackets in order for the command to remain in a form that allows you to see the HTML. When you type it there are NO spaces inside the two brackets.

You may also notice these two commands above: < strong > and < /strong >. This is what changes the font to BOLD. I don't know very much HTML, but have fun using the small amount I do know.

Note: the word "strong" should be between the first set of brackets in the second HTML command. Like the "s", it keeps disappearing.

If your sidebar list is created using the "List Gadget" instead of the "HTML Gadget" then I have no idea how to strike through items on the list.


Kathie said...

isn't it great to work on something and finish it!!!
think it is great that you worked on this week what you wanted to work on as well.
Glad you had a productive week!

julia said...

Hi Patti,
ah, I just found out yesterday to cross out my written words in blogger

here is a second possibility, because when I tried the HTML code for crossing out, it didn't work:

CSS-Code [code] < span style = " text-decoration: line-through ; " > YOUR TEXT < / span > [end-code]

Of course you have type this in the HTML-display while editing your post...and remove the spaces I had to put in...

Thanks for the tip with the HTML-sidebar gadget!!!
Hugs, Julia

Julie said...

I have always wanted to know how to do strikethrough. I, too, only know a little bit of HTML code. Thanks so much for this one. Now my UFO list can get crossed off as I do stuff.