Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finn's Challenge

Back in September, in this post, I accepted a New Year's Eve challenge from Finn. I set a goal of finishing 6 projects before the calendar changed to 2009. Up until now I've not completed a single project - instead making progress on several. The specifics of the challenge were left up to each of us to decide for ourselves - what defined a UFO and what constituted a finish. They could be any sort of UFO's - they didn't have to be quilty. So, with that in mind, I'm counting several finishes for the New Year's Eve challenge.

1. Ghoulies and Ghosties pillow - stitchery done in 1965, originally intended for framing

2. Thanksgiving cross stitch pillow - stitchery done in the late 70's or very early 80's. Once I started quilting in earnest I stopped doing cross stitch.

3. Four springtime pillows, made from four friendship blocks, given to me in 1992 and originally intended for a quilt.

4. Three Christmas pillows, made from six friendship blocks, given to me in 1995 and originally intended for a wall hanging.

Thanks so much for the challenge, Finn - I'm sure these wouldn't have been completed without it!


Kathie said...

still so impressed you finished all of these !
good for you.
Hope your feeling much better.

swooze said...

Great job on all the finishes. Now I am watching for the 25 flimsies to be quilted. I'll be over to help with the binding!

Finn said...

Hi Patti, congratulations! That's a wonderful amount of older stuff finished. I'm still really happy that I didn't specify what a UFO was. To me the O part of UFO stands for OBJECT, stitching, knitting, etc certainly qualify. *VBS* And more people could join us quilters that way also. I'll hop right over and mark you down for 4!!! Fantastic! Hugs, Finn

Hanne said...

You are going like the wind Patti :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love all your small finishes!!! What a GREAT way to use a variety of blocks - that will get used in your house!!! You have inspired me to look through my blocks pile and see if I can come up with some co-ordinating pillow ideas too. Great job!

Rose Marie said...

Bravo .... isn't it just great to be done with some UFO's and crossing them off a list is even better!

Rose Marie said...

Bravo .... isn't it just great to be done with some UFO's and crossing them off a list is even better!

Sweet P said...

Hooray on the finishes! All of your projects are looking great!