Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pillow Talk

I spent today making more pillows - more fairly mindless activity. The name for this post just jumped into my mind as I was sewing - I grew up watching so many Doris Day movies though this is the first time I've thought of one in years LOL!

The last spring friendship block just sat in my mind after I finished the others yesterday, and this morning it told me it wanted to be a pillow also. I found 12" x 16" pillow forms on the Internet - I've never seen them in the store, so I may have to make my own pillow form for this last pillow. This gives me two spring pillows for the couch and two more for the bench in the entry.

This "Ghoulies and Ghosties" pillow is made from the oldest UFO I had, of that I'm sure. I made it when I was a senior in high school - the date is stitched in the bottom corner. I remember using a magnifying glass to see an ad in the back of a McCallls Needlework and Crafts magazine well enough that I could copy it onto graph paper. I transferred it to fabric with carbon paper, as I'd not yet learned about Aida cloth and counted cross stitch. I've had it all these years - thinking some day I'd have it framed. I decided it would make a great pillow, and a pillow form would be much cheaper than custom framing!

I don't remember when I did this pilgrim cross stitch. I'm guessing it was the late 70's or very early 80's, as that's when I was doing a great deal of cross stitch. Just another project that sat in a drawer for years and years waiting for me to finish it. It'll look great on the bench in the entry this November.

I snapped this picture before I started sewing this morning after I pulled all the pillows-to-be out of the closet. Tomorrow I'll turn the Christmas star friendship blocks into three more pillows. I'm out of pillow forms so will need to head to either JoAnn's or Fabric Depot - I sure hope they are on sale. Then all that will remain of these is the collection of Halloween panels. Pillow forms that small aren't available, but I've got a case of stuffing in the attic that will fill homemade forms just fine - a great way to use scrap batting!


Vicki W said...

Very clever! I can't believe you did that cross stitch by transferring the design instead of counting. I'd be insane!

swooze said...

Good for you on all this productivity! I know you must be out of stash by now! LOL!

Kim W said...

Why not make the pillows the same size, then you can you the same pillow form from season to season, and it would be easier to store the pillows flat, without a pillow form inside.

trelly said...

wonderful pillows, congratulation!

Brenda said...

Love all of your pillows. Especially the ghouls and ghosties one.

Ellen said...

So sweet!! Those decorative pillows are just perfect for kids room.