Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And still more giveaways

I went through the rest of the patterns in my filing cabinet and found 19 more patterns to give away. A few of these are projects that I've already done and won't do again. Most of them are patterns I either bought years ago or were given that I'm sure I won't make. There are all sorts of patterns here - something for almost everyone. I'm going to post them in several groups.

Please comment on post relating to the specific patterns you want to win. If you have a preference for a particular pattern in the post feel free to say so in your comment.

I'm very happy to have comments by lurkers, non-bloggers, and readers not registered with Blogger. However, in order for me to contact you easily, please put your email address in your comment if you do not have your email on your blogger profile or if you don't have a blogger profile. I want to clear these out quickly so I don't want to wait for people to contact me when they read the post of the winners. I want to be able to email everyone as soon as I do the drawing. If I don't have your email address I won't be able to enter you in the drawing. I'm sorry if that's going to eliminate some of you - I hope you can understand why I make this requirement.

1 comment:

Mel said...

I'm just browsing your blog and loving it! I'm already addicted to quilting and penny rugs and just a beginner I'll read on!!!! Melanie