Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NIX the new iron

Day 2 - it has stopped working after smoking a bit.  I thought it was starch on the soleplate so I cleaned it off.  Smoked a bit more then quit.  No heat at all.  Indicator light doesn't come on.  Back to the store with this tomorrow!

I'm sorry about this as I really liked the way it felt in my hand and how hot it got.  Back to my trusty Rowenta travel iron.


Julierose said...

Don't you hate when that happens to something you buy?? Can you return it? hugs, Julierose

Sharon Hughson said...

I buy the cheapest iron on sale at one of the major dept. stores when i need a new one. I have an expensive brand that has acted up after just one yr. No more of that nonsense. I'm back to what ever is on sale and the least expensive. They outlast any of the big brands and when they die, I go and get another one w/o any anxt at all. LOL

terry said...

Oh no.... Thought it was just me, I too bought the Little Red Iron and was totally disappointed. It worked for a while, and then no more. Was going to protest to Pearl, where I bought it, but I really didn't like the iron. Again thought it was only me, but the iron kept falling over and was awkward to hold. So decided to go back to my old faithfuls. Lately I have picked up three little irons (all no steam) at thrift stores for about $5 each. So far so good - and have only spent $5 a piece. As far as for my other routine ironing, I too buy the cheapest iron I can find - usually at Target for about $10. I call them throw aways and they work as good if not better than my leaky Rowenta buys.