Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm still here

I am surprised to see how long it has been since I posted.  It shows you that I've been doing nothing of photo value.

I have finished making all the templates for Baltimore Autumn except for the large center block.  In doing so I used up the second roll of freezer paper that I bought all those years ago.  Those of you new to quilting and/or new to applique probably aren't aware of the "Great Freezer Paper Scare" of

the early 1990's.  The Reynolds company announced they were no longer going to produce freezer paper - or so the rumor said.  The applique lovers of the quilting world panicked and started stockpiling freezer paper.  We all tried to determine how many rolls we would need so we wouldn't run out before we died.  Freezer paper flew off the store shelves.  It was very hard to find.  Word would spread when a store got in a shipment and the rolls would disappear off the shelves in record time.  A letter writing campaign to Reynolds began.  I, myself, bought two rolls, then two more, then two more, always afraid I'd never have enough.  I think I had 8 or 10 rolls when I finally stopped buying.  Eventually Reynolds announced they had no intention of stopping the production of freezer paper and the madness ended.  I sold several of my rolls in the following years, and now have four or five left.  In 20 years I've used two of them.  Just the thought of our madness makes me laugh.

I'm ready to start choosing fabrics, but had to put that aside to make sure I have plenty of handwork prepared for this next weekend.  My Tangled Threads buddies and I have rented a house at Arch Cape, OR for the weekend.  We are right on the ocean and are hoping for nice weather.  It's been about 18 months since we got away together - we can hardly wait.  I knew I would never be able to prepare any Baltimore Autumn blocks in time, so I pulled out a kit that I've had for years and years and will have it ready to go.  I'm excited to start this one.  It is called "Sweet Memories".  It is from the booklet "Lovina's Pressed Flowers" by Blackbird Designs (Barb Adams and Alma Allen), copyrighted in 2003. 

Easy, large applique, so this should be fairly quick to do.  My goal is to prepare 3 blocks for the weekend.   Here are the fabrics - I just love how they look together!

Of course I'll take my basket of hand quilting also, for when I get tired of doing applique.

We are going to have such a great time!


Rita said...

Hahaha! Freezer paper! I've been stockpiling incandescent light bulbs because 'they' say we won't be able to buy them in Canada. Only those new curly kind

Debra Anger said...

I remember the freezer paper scare and was lucky enough on the guild garage sale to pick some up at a great price.
Love your new applique for your retreat, will you use the no melt templar method of applique for that one since it is a repeat pattern?
Is that Autumn Baltimore from P3 designs did you see her new Western one she just finished it looks so awesome!! love western anything

Kathy said...

I think I took my first quilting class shortly after that scare. I remember being taught multiple ways to do applique with freezer paper. People wanted to make sure that demand would stay up, I guess! All your applique projects look just lovely.