Sunday, August 26, 2007

A wonderful day with quilty friends

Yesterday was about as perfect as it could possibly be. The weather was cool in the morning, with clearing skies and sunshine in the afternoon. I drove over to Portland to pick up Cher at 9:00, and then headed to Canby, Oregon to Holly's. This was the first time I'd met Holly. She is a delightful lady and quilter - of course! - and has a lovely home full of quilts that she's made. After seeing her quilts and her sewing room we set out walking to Canby's quilt show. Holly's home is only a couple blocks from the center of town and it was a perfect day for walking. The quilt show is held in an old church, and the quilts are displayed by draping them over the pews. There is also a display of featured quilts at the front of the sanctuary, plus more quilts on tables in the fellowship hall. We had such a pleasant time chatting with the quilters and examining the quilts. Holly said on her blog "I can't believe I forgot to take pictures" - I'll add that I can't believe I forgot my camera! I take my camera to everything quitly. I have a camera on my cell phone - doesn't everyone these days? - but I never remember it's there and I'm not sure how to use it LOL!

After the show we walked a few more blocks to the quilt shop. This is a shop I used to frequent for Thimbleberries club for a couple years, but quit as the drive was just too long for me in the evening. The owner retired and sold the shop, and this is the first time I'd been there since the new owner took over. It was very interesting to see how the personality of the shop changed. I'd always loved almost everything that was in the shop before - now there were still lots of things I loved but still more that weren't my cup of tea. I looked at lots and lots of things - patterns, stitcheries, and more - and I didn't buy a thing! I was so proud of myself. My friends won't believe it when I tell them.

We next had a very tasty lunch at a Mexican restaurant in town, and then drove over to Oregon City because none of us had been in the quilt shop there before. What a lovely shop! It had something for each one of us - hard to do as the three of us have very different tastes. We did a lot of looking there but I don't think any of us bought a single thing. If you'd told me first thing in the morning that I'd go to two quilt shops, see lots and lots of things I loved and not spend dime I wouldn't have believed you either LOL!

The three of us will definitely get together again, as we had a marvelous time. We are hoping that Dot at Rantala Rags can join us next time - once her two broken arms heal. Poor Dot! What an awful thing to happen to anyone, but especially to a quilter!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for not buying a thing!!!!!
will send you a squishy reward for that!
glad to see you posted and all is well by you.
Your day out yesterday sounded like so much fun, oh sorry you forgot the camera I would have loved to see quilts at the show!

Holly said...

It was so nice putting a face to the name. I already felt like I knew you :)

Yippee, you avoided the crown! I would probably be queen all the time because I don't operate well under pressure.

quiltorstitch said...

What quilt shop did you go to in Oregon City? I love visiting new shops, you can find some great things. And good for you for not buying anything! That is so hard sometimes (well all of the time really). I just made a list of quilts I have to finish before I can buy more… LOL, wish me luck :D