Sunday, August 26, 2007


I was making good progress catching up with my blog reading. I was down to under 2200 posts. I was keeping up with new posts on blogs I'd already caught up with. Then blog reading disaster struck.

On bloglines I've sorted the blogs I'm subscribed to into different folders - quilty blogs, designer blogs, craft blocks, and other. By far the greatest number of blogs are quilty blogs and those are the ones I was catching up on. Well, if you click the folder itself instead of the little "+" to the left of the folder then all the unread posts open on the right side of the screen. All 2000+ posts. And since there was no way I could begin to read that many the window was closed before 99% were read. In fact it was closed before any were read - because I immediately tried to undo what I'd done. All that did was close the window immediately.

So now I have no idea where I am. Maybe that's just as well - I can start fresh. I'll read each blog as new posts appear - reading all the posts on each blog until I get to one I've read before. Here is hoping I can recognize a post that I've read before LOL!


Kim said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time looking at quilts and NOT buying fabric! LOL! Bummer about losing all your unread blogs, but it might just be best--I'm sure you'll catch up one of these days, and I suspect it's all just like a soap opera anyway--you hate to miss something but if you do, you can pick right back up again! LOL! Love your runner! Remember to mix in a couple bigger UFOs, or you'll find yourself faced with nothing but HUGE projects and I know that would defeat me! LOL!

Sweet P said...

Ouch! Maybe it was a sign from the blog gods that you need to start over.

Yesterday sounds like a wonderful day. There are very events in one's life that beat spending a day with quilt friends.

Carol E. said...

I, like you, am behind on blog reading and grieving over how much I've missed! It is so hard to keep up, and all the blogs are so worth reading!! Can someone PLEASE pay me to stay home and do IMPORTANT stuff like keep up with blogs and make quilts??? What's wrong with this world anyway??? (oh, please excuse my rant.)

Marcie said...

I have done that before--clicked on the folder and had to start from scratch. Painful! And I hate getting that far behind, and I am ALWAYS behind. I just read your post about sewing on the sleeves for the antique quilts. That is pretty neat! Can you share photos with us? I have been reading that Quilts from the Oregon Trail book-pretty neat stuff!