Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh dear - time has flown too quickly

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted! Bad blogger here - so sorry! I have been catching up with others however, which is a good thing. My bloglines now reports that I have only 2350 posts to read - over 1000 less than I had last week. At this rate I may be all caught up in another 2-3 weeks! I'm managing to keep caught up on the new posts on those blogs I've been reading. If I've not reaching yours don't feel badly - first I started with those with the fewest posts, and now I'm just going down the alphabet. I'm at the "L's" - but of course the "Q's" are way bigger than any other letter LOL!

Before I forget I want to give Hanne a great big thank you for nominating my blog for these two awards. I'm very touched that you feel this way Hanne. I often wonder why people come back to read my ramblings - if I can provide inspiration to others that makes me feel so nice and fuzzy warm inside.

I know many, many bloggers have already been nominated for these awards, and since I still have so much reading to do to catch up I have no idea who has or has not been nominated. So for now I'm going to postpone nominating anyone else. There are so many of you that are such an inspiration to me - I've no idea how I could choose only a few.

Speaking of Hanne, check out her blog to see her marvelous new shelves. She showed her hubby pictures of mine and he insisted they go right out and buy her some. I can't believe how quickly they got these together and filled with her fabrics!

I've done very little in the way of quilting this past week - probably one of the reasons for my lack of posts. If you remember one of my goals for last weekend was to clean the garage. Well, it took way longer than I thought it would. Shouldn't be surprised - when I decide to clean the garage I do a really deep clean. And did it ever need it! We have always been able to fit the cars inside, but all around the perimeter the shelves needed straightening and organizing, the floor needed sweeping desperately, and the whole window-workbench area was a mess. The window particularly - bugs and spiderwebs everywhere. (One would think we were saving them for Halloween!) The laundry is in the garage so I always try to keep that area fairly clean and swept, but the rest of the place - ugh!

I brought the radio out once the ballgame started and I realized I'd only begun, and finished about the time the ballgame ended. I filled the pickup with stuff for the dump - our second trip in just over a week. You'll recognize the green shelf - it's once again loaded but this time with stuff other than fabric. I just couldn't resist taking pictures. I know - it's just a garage - but I had such a marvelous feeling of satisfaction when I was finished that I couldn't help wanting to show it off a little. It had been way too long since I'd done this - hopefully we can keep it up better from now on.

I'm still plugging away one the same batch of Crumb Chaos blocks - trying to finish them. I think they are taking lessons from the scraps in the bin and multiplying in the dark of the night when everything is quiet. Probably won't get them done this weekend either - I absolutely MUST get the two customer quilts done this weekend that didn't get done last weekend because of the garage project. Then I need to quilt one of my own - my name is getting dangerously close to the top of the UFO queen's list on the Stashbuster yahoo group.

Wishing everyone a marvelous weekend. I'm going to read a few more blogs while I wait for my daughter to call saying she's ready for our regular Starbucks outing.


ForestJane said...

I'm just really impressed by the organization of all that fabric. Makes me want to come there and shop! :)

Anonymous said...

Patti now that you cleaned out the garage does this mean that Fred is going to paint it!
hmmmm I think turkey red and poison green would be perfect!
How do you ever do the laundry in the winter, hope that garage is heated!
Starbucks sounds wonderful....

Hanne said...

You know scraps multiply by cell dividing, don't you ? ;-)

PS. Your mail server has blocked me as spam.
I sent you 2 mails that just came returned as spam. Maybe the server don't like chatty foreigners?

Kim said...

Oh, my, you could EAT off the floor of your garage. I'd be soooooo embarrassed if anyone saw mine! LOL! What are you doing next weekend? Want to drive down to Sacramento and have a go at mine?! LOL!

Yvonne said...

The garage looks wonderful....I would post and be proud Your organized stash looks so lovely....I can only dream to have my stash looking so neat. :)

Yvonne said...

I forgot to say Congratulations on your awards!

Tazzie said...

Wow Patti, you're really on an organising spree aren't you? I would like to be so enthusiastic about doing the same here. Great job!

mereth said...

Your garage looks wonderful after all your hard work. I'm inspired, there's a few areas around this house I think I'm going to tackle, now that I've seen your transformed sewing room AND garage.Thanks for the pictures.

Toni said...


Helen in the UK said...

You are really on a roll with this cleaning and organising, no wonder you haven't had time to quilt!! Looking good though :)

QuiltMom said...

Your sewing room and garage look great and I am sure it makes you feel better about working in those spaces. The thing I admire most about you is the importance and priority you give your family.They are valued, loved and made the most important thing in your life. You make beautiful quilts but you are more importantly, a lovely and loving person.
Regards from A Western Canadian Quilter,

Suze said...

As usual Patti, I am following you. Our garage is next on my list. This will be quite a challenge.........

Pictures at 11:00