Saturday, July 8, 2006

Questions and answers and more

Well, I never did get upstairs to that customer quilt. It got way too hot too early - and is still hovering around 90. That means it's 85-90 upstairs as we have no A.C. It's also way to hot to turn on an iron, so I can't press the Broken Dishes blocks. So instead I've been going through all the rest of the things in my sewing room, sorting and putting things aside for the yard sale two weeks from today. I sure have a lot of fabric that I've designated to sell. Part of me is wanting to hang onto it all just in case I decide later that I wish I'd kept it. The other part of me is assuring me that there will always be more fabric in the stores, and right now I have enough for 2-3 lifetimes at least. I want to get this finished today because tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, and now I'll have to focus on that customer quilt the entire day.

Thanks to all of you who've left me so many complements about my quilts. Each one makes me smile with pleasure.

I thought I'd answer a few questions that have been asked in various comments. Usually I just reply to the person commenting, but may people don't have their blogs set up that way.

Bonnie, I do needle turn appliqué by hand. I love to do it - I find handwork very relaxing. One of these days I'll teach myself to do invisible machine appliqué but so far that hasn't happened. I just like the handwork too much.

Nadine, there is no reason you can't handpiece a scrap quilt like the depression block. I enjoy hand piecing, but I love hand appliqué even more, so I hardly ever do hand piecing. I don't mind machine sewing at all - my little featherweight just purrs along so easily. I'm listening to books on CD while I sew - the best of both worlds in my mind. Sometimes I more or less watch a DVD while I sew. I guess I've sewn with a machine so long that I do feel like it's an extension of myself and easily does just what I want it to do.

Finn, I'm sure I'll keep some of my scrappy quilts. We need a new quilt for our bed - the log cabin on it isn't very worn but is certainly looking faded. I also need to make quilts for our beds in the tent trailer. Right now we are using down sleeping bags that are about 36 years old, with lumpy down and hot uncomfortable ripstop nylon coverings. I picture scrap quilts for them, with flannel backs and wool batting - perfect for mountain or ocean weather.

Fiona, I don't see anything dodgy about the darks in your depression block!

Forest Jane, I think the depression block would look terrific with dark shirting plaids. Especially if they are cut off grain every which way, which adds movement and interest.

Quilt Pixie, there probably won't be bags of scraps for sale cheap on my table at the yard sale - just yardage of batiks, modern fabrics (like Nancy Crow's), Orientals, and stacks and stacks of Hoffman florals and Alexander Henry prints. Plus a bunch of lighter weight cotton decorator fabric suitable for quilts, pillows, and more.

Better get back to my sorting. I'm also getting hungry but it's too hot to eat much - think I'll get an apple.


EileenKNY said...

I love your blog! I'm hoping to be accepted into the Stash Quilts blog group, and reading all I can in the meantime.
I have my stash all over the house, but DH has promised me a room by the end of the summer. I'm going to show him your storage pictures for inspiration. I'll tell him it looks that good all the time. LOL

Linda_J said...

Patti, good girl---keep reciting that stashbuster mantra as you sort "they will make more"

Even picking up and doing anything involving physical effort is not good when it is that hot esp. with no a/c.

Gail said...

Oh Patti! You make me feel soooo inadequate! LOL. First, you are so neat and organized (ok, you just did it, but hey, that counts). Second, look at that stash!! No wonder you guys talk about making so many quilts from stash. My stuff would fit on one of your shelving units! and that would include kits, batting, garment fabric, and large backing pieces-even my UFOs. *Sigh*Poor inadequate me......I'll just have to go more!